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| Tomboy | Goatelope (Goat + Antelope) | Genderqueer | Female Pronouns | Pint-sized Shin Kicker |

"In the amount of time we've been talking, most women would have already decided whether they want to fuck you or be your friend. I'm not most women. I just decide whether I want fuck you or kick you in the shin."

'llo. I'm Signy. I'm a tomboy with a love for electrical work. I'm active duty military.
I am the worst at making friends but that doesn't mean I don't want to!
I'm just not very good at approaching people online.

This account consists of artwork I have commissioned or received as a gift.
If you would like to include my characters in a piece of artwork, clean or naughty, please ask me first.

Current avatar by Erijean.

Latest Journal

Buying Art! Who's Open?

I recently worked with a friend on a new character design that I lovelovelove, and now I want to buy her all the things. I have a ton of different ideas for her, and I'm really just over-excited about all the plans I have in mind for her. I'd love the chance to work with a couple of different artists to fully define her.

My top interests are a ref sheet, a couple of single character (possibly flats or a paper doll thing) to show off some outfits that I have in mind, and I'd really like some tasteful shibari and/or suspension rope work. Chibis are also a possibility!

Anyhow! Here's Kiska, a lizard of no specific species:
Note: She's a flatchested tomboy, so please be comfy with that. :3

If anyone's interested, please let me know!

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    :D Greetings to you from this Rat Momma

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    Baaahh sorry for the fave+ spam <3333 Adore your characters :___;

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      No worries! I'm glad you enjoy them!

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