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~ NovaHuskyShore ~


My name is Rachel.
I am a fairly new artist that still has much to learn. I enjoy drawing almost daily and making new friends.
A little about me is that I love horror movies, along with creepy creatures and dark art. I constantly have to be listening to music to do anything right and have a sense of dark humour. I also love to paint when I'm in the mood and play some video games too. I'm a total coffee junkie and one of my favourite foods would have to be a nice steak sandwich.

So shoot me a message, or a shout, I'd love to chat!

Latest Journal

More about me.

Alrighty, so you've seen a photo of me and some of you already know a little about me, I think that you all need to know EVERYTHING. MUAAHAHHAHA!

But first wanted to know how, Junebug618 Junebug618's birthday went.

How, Bansheera Bansheera's sisterly issues are working out

How, Cayen Cayen's father is doing and why he hasn't made anymore comic pages for Rachel's viewing pleasure.

And why, Keichi_Barhazard Keichi_Barhazard hasn't made any art and submitted it on Weasyl in 100,000,00 years because I NEED MORE KEICHI ART, DAMMIT!

So yeah, sorry for not making much art lately myself, super busy hanging out and going out A LOT with the boyfriend thing.

Sooooooooo.... Yeah. Uhhhh. I LOVE music. Can't do anything right without something I enjoy playing in the background.
I adore Experimental music the most but also love Psychedelic, Rock, Metal, some Screamo, Indie rock, and Maritime music. <3
I can't stand, rap, hip hop, pop, dubstep, and country music, yuck!

Obviously, I love drawing and playing vidya like, Skyrim, Minecraft, Goat Simulator, The Forest, and anything Spooooky. <3

The best thing in the world to eat is a messy steak sandwich, oh god yes....- drool -
And the food I hate the most is onion, it's the worst thing in the whole planet. :(

I was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and moved in with my father to Oakville, Ontario, Canada and have been living there for almost 11, 12 years now. IT'S SO. SO. SO boring in Oakville...

Most of you know I'm 18. I think you guys know. :p

I'm also going to be getting a part time job to get y first FURSUIT! YAY. Going to get Shore to come to life and hug EVERYBODY. Except NovaHusky NovaHusky, he's gross. He has husky cooties...

My favourite type of movies is horror! It's the only type of genre I really watch, I don't usually get scared but I just enjoy them in general!

I'm also a winter lover. Summer sucks ASS. It's too hot and sticky.. Only thing Summer is good for is the BBQ (Even though winter doesn't stop me from firing up the grill) and of course, FISHING. <3 Fishing is my favourite sport too, by the way!

In general I'm fairly lazy, I'll find a way to stay at home and draw or play games (unless I have a job, I'm not lazy with that) and I don't like going out and socializing unless I'm at a furmeet when I'm in Ottawa with my boyfriend! (One every Thursday) then I'm happy and huggy.

So yup. If you want to know anything else you can ask. c: And just chat me up in general, I miss you guys... <3

Oh. And Orange is the best colour in the world. ;)

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Anthro, Monochromatic, Coloured, Sketchy
from C$ 5.00
to C$ 10.00


Nice lineart, Flat colour.
C$ 5.00

Headshots can be feral or Anthro.
$5.00 is a flat rate and a second head in the picture would put it up to $8.00.
Chibi heads are $3.00 with a second head making it $5.00

Headshots have lineart that is erased and sharpened to look more neat, with flat colour and little shiny details to the nose, piercings, lips, tounge, eyes, ect.
Both include a simple background free.

Examples of more realistic headshots;



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      Why, hello there, and how are you doing?!

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        Just saying hi!

        How are you?

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          Well, hello!

          And I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking!
          Anything new?

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            Tomodachi life

            That game is killing me.

            Did you see nintendos E3?

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              Don't know that game or that E3, sorry.

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    Hey you! <3 Here's your official welcome.

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