SkekSarr: The Proud Forger by Shimmerscale

SkekSarr: The Proud Forger


14 August 2016 at 21:07:05 MDT

A revamped version of this dude right here >

Please visit the other picture to get the info on him as he was an RP character and there is a lot more to him plot wise than what is put here.

SkekSarr was the first clone of SkekUng, and though a bit rough around the edges, he wasn't quite as cruel as Ung. SkekSarr was a crafter, though his title was The Forger or Proud Forger as many started calling him. His job was to build things, weapons, armor, tech, that sort of thing. He didn't do buildings or decorations of any kind. He and SkekAyuk's and SekSil's clones were very close, but not in the romantic way; he took care of them, made things for them that others couldn't get, and they in turn did things for him like spying or feeding information to others for good or ill.

SkekSarr's UrRu counterpart was UrThar, who was the animal tamer of the UrRu group.

Because of his talent with crafting things, SkekSarr was known to add bits of metal to his body (pictured here on the tip of his snout and on his eyebrows and cheeks) to add to his beauty and deadliness (vicious claws and such).
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