.:Comfy Cozy Rodents:. by Shiko-Yote

.:Comfy Cozy Rodents:.


6 July 2016 at 10:18:12 MDT

Finished this piece for my waifu Reisfuchs ~<3 She had and still has a rough time, dealing with a lot of stuff she tries to cope with and I wanted to make something for her really badly..
Well in fact I wanted to do something for us both, as I'm having a bit of a down time too.
And last time we met was just so uplifting and harmonic. We really needed that.
So with this drawing I kinda wanted to capture the feeling, and more maybe? Showing how it feels like home, when I am with her <3 She just means so damn much to me ;w; aaah~
I'd like to imagine that room in the image to be part of our "dream / wish home" :3
So yeah hope you like the outcome as much as I do :D Also I but some music links here too that I think fit the scenery~
Some are more melancholic others are a bit more mushy .

Anyways enjoy! :D


P.S.: You meight want to refrain from printing this, as I plan on letting a company do that :D
one for you and one for me! :D <3

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    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW................it has turned out absolutely gorgeous!!!! :D

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      Thank you sooo much! means a lot to me <3

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        You're very welcome! hugs

        It really is super-duper gorgeous! :D

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    SO CUTE! I love the feeling of atmospheric radiance and the way you settle the figures relatively small in the frame, gives it a very candid feeling.

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      aww thank you so much for the nice compliment! means a lot! :D

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    (erstmal sorry dass ich jetzt erst schreibe, war gestern nur zum schlafen zu Hause!!!)
    Oh Shiko <3 Du hast dich mal wieder total selbst übertroffen.. man kann 100% sehen wie viel Feeling da drin steckt! Das Bild trieft ja fast nur so vor Liebe schmacht
    Das Licht und die Atmosphäre sind total cozy, so warm und happy, chillig, total schön einfach!
    Bonsai <3 Tarrarien <3 Japan Stil Architektur <3 Die Details auf den tails! AAAAH <3 Die Haare DOPPELT AAAAH <3 Sowohl deine als auch meine, vooooll cool <3 Diese verschwommene plant im Vordergrund, was dem ganzen voll die Tiefe gibt <3
    Und natürlich unsere Gesichtsausdrücke, dieser pure Frieden, Zufriedenheit, Glück. Ich zieh mir jetzt erstmal die Songs rein :D schonmal Taschentücher holt just in case xD
    Also eintausendmillionmal Dankeschön Shiko! Ich liebe es total <3 Ich liebe dich <3 Bin so extrem happy dass wir uns kennen! Danke dass du so eine unglaublic tolle Freundin und so ein toller Mensch bist!!

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    The detail in this is so stunning <3 absolutely beautiful