Personal - Bill Cipher by Shibara

Personal - Bill Cipher


18 February 2016 at 22:55:53 MST

“I’m on vacations,” I said. “I’m not gonna be spending so much time drawing in the computer,” I said.

After a whole afternoon of painting this (albeit under trees and surrounded by toads) I find myself a filthy liar.

When that dialogue happened, this is what I had in my mind. I feel like Ford is a very hardened man, but deep down, that still must have been terrifying.

Before the finale, I had been look for stuff to read on this line, but didn’t have much luck. If someone can rec me dark, horrible fic containing non-human Bill doing awful shenanigans, I’ll be forever thankful.

I need more evil Bill Cipher in my life.

Moarrrrrr Billllllllllll

On a self-promotional note, I’ll take this chance to remind everyone I am open for commissions

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    Very nice! That Gravity Falls finale was amazing. Going to miss the show so much.

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    I've never seen this series...but I do know this drawing looks awesome! :)

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    This looks sick! great job!

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    Just found this on FA as well, and its absolutely awesome! I Love how you did the hands/arms.

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    I like how this series ended and I'm still very much surprised a show like this managed to slip past Disney's pink mafia bosses to greet audiences.