No Hard Feelings by Shadderstag

No Hard Feelings


29 September 2018 at 12:11:12 MDT

I wanted to do some personal art, and decided to go back to my artistic comfort food: Pokemon! So this is Sebastian River (just Seb is fine) with three of his five Pokemon. The Murkrow, Nick, and the Persian, Rob, are his two oldest Pokemon, while the Mudbray, Jack, is his newest.

Last I'd worked on Seb's story, he'd recently rescued a Pokemon egg from his Persian, Rob. When it hatched and a mess of mostly legs fell out, he rushed to the Pokecenter. The nurse there told him the small Mudbray would need a prosthetic for his whole life, and would never be able to evolve or else he'd risk serious internal injuries - possibly even death. Unsure whether the little ass was even worth it, Seb called up his abuela for advice. Rosa encouraged him to give the Mudbray a chance.

So for the last year Jack has been growing and bonding with the rest of Seb's team. A feisty little yearling now, he's grown most attached to Rob, being the closest in size to him, and a fellow warm-blooded mammal. Seb finds the whole thing grimly ironic, given it was Rob trying to eat Jack's egg that led to Jack coming out the way he did.

I'm aware that Pokemon tend to evolve away their injuries, but I wanted to explore how Seb would react to a disabled team member. Turns out he's grown up a bit due to it, learned some actual responsibility. Jack still fights, but Seb takes extra care which battles he uses him in, and ensures his prosthetic is well-looked after.

Art/Characters (c) Scott Francis
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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    I love your realistic Pokemon so much! :)

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      Thank you! Hope to do more in the future!

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        I look forward to it! :)