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Angel Armory - May 17 2013 WIP by SF (critique requested)

Angel Armory - May 17 2013 WIP (critique requested)


Things left to do:

  • Smooth out the phrase transitions
  • Introduce more variety in the percussion
  • See if there's a more elegant way to handle the melody synths converging near the end
  • Make the cover art

Get your critique in while you can!

Submission Information

Multimedia / Remix / Mashup


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    I listened to the original and I think that yours is better but it also has a very different attitude from the original. Yours is more aggressive, fast-paced. I'm not good at critiquing music but I do like how you moved and reworked that first intro from the original, it sounds better in your remix. One thing negative, I don't like when remixes remove the vocals from the original. It's removing an integral part of the music and it's about the only shortcoming I can think of for your remix.

    I'm sorry I can't offer anything more constructive, but I like it alot. :)

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      Thank you, that's quite a compliment! I really appreciate any kind of feedback so there's no need to feel like it has to be very technical.

      I agree with you that much of the meaning is lost without the vocals. It's a casualty of the style I was going for; This was meant to sound like a cyber-fortress level (or possibly credits music) for a Genesis-era Sonic the Hedgehog game, mixed with Trent Reznor's distinctive mixing tropes. I actually tried including some vocals at one point but they sounded really out of place next to all the faux-vintage FM.

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        I got the cyber and BGM vibes from the piece. I'm not so sure about credits music, but then I've never played the old sonic games. When listening to it I imagine the scene from Yukikaze when they're moving the Super Sylph out of parking up to the runway.

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    Pretty awesome! :D

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      Oh, thanks! I was actually kind of embarrassed by how bad I thought this thing turned out.

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        I still like it. The samples might not be the sharpest. but it's still organized nicely. :)