Bowsette's Assault (Koopa Princess!) by Setsune

Bowsette's Assault (Koopa Princess!)


25 September 2018 at 15:48:15 MDT

Attaaaaaaaack! Bowserette's ready to share the magic with the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom! ...Some of the Toads are already surrendering.

Yeah, yeah, I know, "bandwagons", but I wanted to do this two days ago, before the wagon got so huge. It took a lot of little tweaks to get AkkoArcade's already brilliant Peach and Bowser models to best replicate the look.

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Item Sources:
Bowser and Peach by AkkoArcade
Peach Wedding Dress by Sinful Mario
Clown Copter by Vissova
Chain Chomp and Magic Wand by Brewster
3D Land 1-1 and Prize Blocks by Litronom
Lakitu by Karasz
Mario, Luigi, and Toadette by KabalMystic and Tahlian

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