Beach Boardwalk (Shade, Amy & Fiona) - Beachwear by Setsune

Beach Boardwalk (Shade, Amy & Fiona) - Beachwear


20 June 2018 at 12:22:12 MDT

Based on a request by SoutherWigWam, the trio chill out on the boardwalk, chatting it up and having a good time.

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Thanks to Patrons Dekumon and A.K.!

Item Credits:
Amy, Fiona, Shade, Tails Clothes, Daisy Lingerie, Nicole, and Big models by KabalMystic, with significant modifications by Tahlian
Froggy and Fishing Pole by SAB64
Planter by Mark258
Sunflower, Totems, and Palmtree by Logan McCloud
Tall Can by TheMask
Chocolate Sundae by Apoc Hedgie
Lisa Swimsuit by Bymetrias
Map mu_springbreak by ReazuDrolfsky and Beelzebub