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Greetings, my name is SenoraKitty. While Senora is Spanish I am not. I r dumb amurican.

I am a taken, bi, furry, female with the persona of a silver point tabby. I am also an anime fan though I'm not as interested in it as I used to be. If this is a problem for you, I'd suggest getting to know me before making any judgments. One or two comments when I'm in a foul mood doesn't count! I mean you REALLY have to get to know me. XD The internet makes it really hard to interpret what someone really means. If you don't understand by the third or forth time I'm not going to continue.

I have known about the fandom since 2005. However, I believe that I have been a furry for much longer then that. Sadly it wasn't until '08-'09 that I became active within the fandom. I love furry art. I draw it often- some of my art is tame, some adult. You can look up my galleries on FA, DA, and IB under the same screen name.

I am a hobby artist, I draw what ever inspires me. I do not do commissions. To me money just complicates art, and takes away from the artist's spirit.

I am a fursuiter. At this time I only have a partial consisting of a head, hand paws, and a tail.

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A lot has changed over the past eight months or so. My interests have changed, my tolerance has changed, and most of all my art has changed. I am now nearly 100% digital artist. I have started writing again, fanfiction this time. I am rather please with the way things are going for me now.

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    Well, hello!

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    thank you for faving :)

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      and for follow :)

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        lol No problem, I like your art, and one of the characters you drew recently reminds me a lot of one of mine.

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    Thanks for the favorite.

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    Thank you for the favorite! You have some very nice work. :3

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      Thank you, and I like your work as well.