Chloe Concept Sketches by Selah

Chloe Concept Sketches


18 January 2015 at 20:37:31 MST

Ack-this is what I do on the weekends instead of my homework...I doodle....never finish anything...just doodle...

And here we have some doodles of Chloe, a CotL character that is increasing demanding my time...Here I have put two ages of Chloe-as a toddler or 2-3 years old and her young teen form...I really suck at drawing young characters x.x

This is a character that goes through a great change over the years. As a youngster, she is full of curiosity and wonder, even tends to be a tad timid, tends to get into lots of innocent mischief. She's adorable, lovable, and full of life...

This vanishes, for the most part, as she grows up. She has got quite a fiery personality-she is one tough cookie-very good fighter, quick wit, very of those types that can leave you feeling like you just got run over before you even see it coming, leaving you wondering wtf just happened...

She can be caring and gentle and sweet when she wants to be, but that only comes after she gets to know you...and how does she get to know someone? Well, she will almost certainly challenge you to a battle. if you present her a good challenge and win/almost win, then she will like you...if you lose miserably, you are not worth her time...and if you fight dirty...oh boy, you are in serious trouble...she's an expert at fighting dirty...but if you win fighting dirty, you will have earned her respect forever.

hehe...I love this character and cannot wait to start writing her parts of the story

And please excuse my sketchy sketches...this is as good as it gets from me right now xD

Chloe and CotL © ME

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