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I'm Selah, or for the few who may know me, I've gone by Sarhea on every other website. Decided to see what all the fuss was about over here. Not sure yet how terribly active I will be, as college and general art block have got me frustrated. For now, I'll most likely be putting up some of my older stuff, stuff I'm more proud of at the moment than my sad excuses of new work.

I'll try to pop on here often, but if any crazy person needs to get in touch with me, I'm still Sarhea over on FA...

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Summer Break! Updates, News, COMMISSIONS...

Greetings everyone!

Please forgive my extended absence this past year, but man-the last few semesters of school literally tried to kill me and nearly caused me to throw in the towel...I still have no idea of my grades for the semester, but honestly, I do not feel I did very well-I have learned an invaluable lesson this semester...1-Don't let anyone pressure me into taking more classes than I know I can handle. This has been a hard lesson learned, a mistake that I will NOT repeat, even if it means I will not graduate as planned next spring-it is not worth nearly losing what's left of my mind or wasting money on a coarse load that will guarantee me to earn poor marks...So next semester, I'm dropping one of my classes and will not be full time-hopefully I can pull it together and pull up my grades...

But...Enough of that! It's now time for summer break! Nearly 4 months of nothing but focusing on my creativity, in whatever manner it will choose to manifest. I plan on continuing with Book 2 of "Children of the Light" though I will not post as frequently on it as I did Book 1 last summer. The main reason is much of it has not been written down anywhere and remains stuck in my head. For Book 1, I had the entire thing written out in notebooks, which only required me to do some editing here and there. Writing from scratch, from the scenes I see in my head, takes much longer. I also am going to change the posting format a bit, posting the story with images like I did that little 3 part short scene earlier...which will also mean I will have to work to produce worthy pictures to go with the chapters...

I also really wish to do as much art as I can, to practice and get better/faster, and hopefully offer some commissions.

Speaking of which- I REALLY WANT TO OFFER COMMISSIONS THIS SUMMER! I may even open for some clean sketches as early as next week-I need some recent stuff to use for examples that is not Sarhea and Raith, lol. I have no idea on pricing yet, but am contemplating offering clean sketches for around $5-$10, any species/gender and up to full body (no color atm) for the first few just to see how it goes, how long they take me, etc, to judge how I need to price things. I will eventually offer color and shading if all goes well...I'll update with a new journal when I have more info, but feel free to note me if you have questions or feel like prodding me to do something earlier ;p

But anyway-this is my quick-ish update. I'm still working past the extreme fatigue of the semester, but can feel my creative yearnings coming alive with each passing day-I really cannot wait to get back to doing what I love! I hope for this to be an awesome summer of arts!

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    Thanks for the fave :-)

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    thanks for da watch o/

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      No problem~ You have amazing artwork...I can only hope that one day, I will have the honor of commissioning artwork from you...You have always been on my list of artists I must commission ;D

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    Ohmygosh, are you from FA? If so, I know you, and I am completely in awe that you watched me! <33

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      yeah, I'm there, but there's nothing to awe about me, lol-I really admire your style, especially with military style characters and weapons-something I'm very terrible at, lol. But thanks for the kind words and follow!

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    Thank you very much for following me! ^^

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    Thank you for following. How are things in LaLa Land?

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      LaLa Land is absolutely fantastic. So peaceful...