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This is the home account for Second the glitterpanda!

Second is a fursuit built by Midori, designed largely by Farore Nightclaw and worn by me! At the moment, Second is a plushsuit, but there are plans for a non-plush body in the near future to allow for more performance!

The pink and purple glittery red panda debuted at FurtherConfusion 2014, and has so far appeared at BLFC 2014.

Feel free to link any photos of the fluffmonster you may have snapped in shouts, and if you would like them reposted here, let me know!

Latest Journal

Fursuit for Sale

No, not Second.

I have a full fursuit made by a professional suitmaker whom shall remain nameless. Working with them was a nightmare and when it was finally delivered, months late, it is unwearably badly fitted. I am done working with them and have no interest in trying (again) to get them to refit it. They also refuse to issue a refund of any sort, in spite of my intense dissatisfaction.

So - what that comes down to is that I have a large sized full body fursuit that I would like to unload. It is white with pink and black markings, pink 'dreadlocks', a long tail, and full digi-legs. I am very tall, six foot seven or so, and the suit is too small for me to wear. I suspect it would fit someone about 6'3"-6'4" with no modifications, but it should be easy enough for someone to take in to get plenty of wear out of it. I'm just so unhappy with the process that I don't want the thing, to be frank.

The suit has never been worn apart from trying it on and one 20 minute jaunt at FC2014. Original cost was 2850. I'm basically just looking to recoup some of my losses at this point - I'll happily part with it for 1500 dollars or a reasonable offer somewhere in that neighborhood.

If anyone is interested feel free to note me or comment, I'll happily take photos, etc. If nothing shows up here in a couple of weeks, it'll end up on FurBid or something similar.

Thanks for reading!

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    That, is one amazing looking fursuit you have, my deerest regards (and also, thank you for the favorite.)