Current as of December 2017, from most to least of the furry conventions I've attended, historically considered over time~

5/5 -Califur 2014
4.5/5 -Anthrocon 2016
4.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2015
4/5 -Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2016
4/5 -Elliot Springs Gathering 2016
3/5 -Biggest Little Furcon 2016
3/5 -Texas Furry Fiesta 2018
3/5 -Califur 2015
4/5 -Furlandia 2015
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2014
2.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2017
2.5/5 -Rocky Mountain Furcon 2015


A fallow buck from Forever Fallow Falls, a Jack of all Trades (but Master of none) involving drawing, photography, and videography~
Has an interest in deer, railroading, militaria/history, animoo's&mangoe's (extra points if you're a Metroid fan.)~
Feel free to hit me up (also, if you have a good idea for what I should draw, feel free to shoot a suggestion my way.)~


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TFF 2018 Deerbriefing

on 14 February 2018 at 07:36:19 MST


  • It had a fursuit parade (haven't done one in nearly over two years).
  • Cheap artists and products allowed for me to get some good quality works.
  • Con staff was incredibly helpful.
  • Ate well, drank well.
  • Managed to get both suits out there successfully.
  • Met with friends I hadn't seen in awhile.
  • 24/7 convenience store attached to the hotel made it easy for amenities to be acquired.


  • Was sick for the first two days of the con.
  • Had a lot of shade thrown at me by furs I thought respected or liked me.
  • Slept too much, and therefore wasn't as active as I wanted to be, along with missing out on certain activities I wanted to pursue.
  • Food outside the hotel was at a bit of a walking distance, along with a lack of energy drinks and no smokes.


  • Make sure to have medicine on-hand or prior to an event to prevent illnesses
  • Go with my gut instinct if someone is bound to cause me trouble.
  • Get a good idea of restaurants and other locations in the area.
  • Light a fire under myself to go out and do things.

Overall, TFF2018 was okay, so I give it a 3/5

The con wasn't great, nor was it awful, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air from the recent fiasco pertaining to MFF. It felt like a generic con but much bigger in size and scope. I don't really see myself going back to this event unless it'll be the right place and time, but considering how many friends I have out in those parts, it's likely that I could show up to it again.~

Forward, hoping to make it out to more cons as the year continues, get my fursuit back so I can continue making more content, revive my Vimeo account, etc. Lot's of goals in mind going forward, just hoping this year starts to improve dramatically.

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