Current as of December 2017, from most to least of the furry conventions I've attended, historically considered over time~

5/5 -Califur 2014
4.5/5 -Anthrocon 2016
4.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2015
4/5 -Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2016
4/5 -Elliot Springs Gathering 2016
3/5 -Biggest Little Furcon 2016
3/5 -Califur 2015
4/5 -Furlandia 2015
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2014
2.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2017
2.5/5 -Rocky Mountain Furcon 2015


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MFF 2017 Deerbriefing

on 8 December 2017 at 21:41:23 MST


  • I was able to sucessfully get my fursuit shipped out and delivered to a friend, so now I can actually operate out of a MAJOR international hub.
  • Probably bucked at this con more than I have at any other con.
  • Actually had quick and ready assistance from many folks to be able to get in and out of fursuit quickly.
  • Had everything I needed equipment wise.
  • Ate well, drank well, etc.
  • The move of the Artist Alley and Dealer's Den to the Convention Center was a plus.
  • Was able to break a record with one of my tweeted photo's, which garnered over +1000 likes.


  • The Bleat and Greet was a disaster because the person meant to run it failed to properly spread and organize the event.
  • Got flaked on by "friends" because what I wanted to do was an inconvenience to their schedule.
  • Spent WAY too much money on this con.
  • It was too short and too rushed of a con.
  • Attitudes from "friends" around me.
  • I only went to the convention, their wasn't enough days to actually take a trip out to other parts, which put way too much emphasis on the con.
  • The big Fursuit Con Photoshoot was canceled (so I guess MFF has decided to entirely eliminate the offer, which is going to set a bad precedent for a lot of other conventions.)
  • Lost my original badge, spent a very good bit of Friday morning standing in the Pre-reg line (AGAIN) only to be told to go back to the at-the-door registration line (Fortunately the badge was rediscovered in the Lost and Found at con ops).
  • The flight coming to and from Chicago was pretty awful.
  • No real growth or recognition during the con or afterwards (Twitter has been pretty stagnant).
  • I really didn't interact with too many ppl as I used to (maybe I'm starting to feel like I'm on the outside).


  • Carry out everything I want to far in advance before anything else starts with the con.
  • Get with ppl that CAN keep their word and follow a schedule.
  • Put my badge in a more secure spot (the lanyards this year were garbage).
  • Stop fucking with some ppl that have crapped on me.
  • Have an actual budget and look for discounts.
  • Ensure I get more days off to make it into a trip vs. con
  • Actually talk and get ppl to act out.
  • If I change flights, to get an actual comfortable seat.
  • Actually stop at some point in the con to upload photo's, get video content ready ASAP for quicker delivery.
  • Run the damn Bleat and Greet and do it right by the schedule.

Overall, MFF2017 was shit, it gets a 2.5/5

The shitty flight to and from the States, losing my original badge, the failure of the Bleat and Greet, the shade being tossed my way over small shit, the lack of interaction, most of all the ordeal in finding a group/party to go and suit with, are the biggest contributions to making MFF shit this year. Fun fact, if I was able to make it down to where I wanted to go with a party/group and get some of the videography/photography I was aiming for, it would've gotten a 3 versus a 2.5!!!

By far this is the worst MFF I've attended out of the four I've gone to, and things aren't looking too nice for me attending this con again in the future.

It fucking sucked, and minus a inter-personal ordeal, it's not that far off from being like RMFC2015, the only grace being that I still have an interest in the convention because of the time of year and location. Will I go again next year? It really depends, unless I get a guarantee that I'll have assistance in doing what I want to do, along with it being a leg in a trip (whether beginning, middle, or end), I'm not too keen on it next year. I'd rather spend my money on other (semi)big cons that could be part of a legit trip where I can really hang with folks and relax for some days.

Another thing I'm going to make clear, if you were there during the time frame I wanted to go out and have fun, regardless of reason (least it being something genuine that I could respect) I hold you partially responsible for this going to shit. The salt and shade is well deserved. Rather than give me a half-assed insincere apology, and since the damage has already been done, LEARN FROM IT AND CORRECT YOUR SHIT, as I'm doing with mine. If you have a filter on Twitter that's preventing you from seeing my shit, TURN IT OFF; if you didn't get me this time, GET ME AT ANOTHER AND KEEP TO YOUR WORD; if you didn't receive my messages via Twitter DM or Telegram, TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS; I know well that we all have our own things going on, but don't pretend that you're still on good terms with me if you decided to blow me off, or in this case, not do anything to rectify this.

Simply, I don't want "sorry" or some bullshit like that, I want a GURANTEE that this won't happen again.

But beyond all the salt, shade, and sulfur, I want to give a great thanks to the friends of mine that went out of their way to help me while at this event, from holding the camera to getting me out of suit, this con would've been much MUCH WORSE without y'all; in a way, I'm indebted to y'all knock on wood

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