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A fallow buck from Forever Fallow Falls, a Jack of all Trades (but Master of none) involving drawing, photography, and videography~
Has an interest in deer, railroading, militaria/history, animoo's&mangoe's (extra points if you're a Metroid fan.)~
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FWA 2017 Deerbriefing

on 13 April 2017 at 08:55:49 MDT


  • The Hotel and Con staff were very helpful (they actually managed to retrieve my lost badge.)
  • The Artist Alley was opened for a prolonged period of time to maximize profits (10am-3am.)
  • Hosted another successful Bleat and Greet~
  • The venue had a really impressive interior design.
  • Had enough sweats and clothing without having to reuse them consistently.
  • Restaurants and other areas within reach of the hotel through quickly accessible skywalks made it easy to remain sated.
  • Met some new and cool ppl along the way, including fans of my stuff.


  • GoPro batteries were drained so I couldn't utilize it to gather more video footage.
  • Sony A7 was having the typical problems with its functions that hindered photography/videography.
  • Wasn't able to interact or associate with certain folks as much as I wanted to.
  • Found myself suiting less than I did with other bigger cons.
  • Ordeals with artists and sketchbooks wasted a lot of time and money.


  • Make sure that next I have my electronics (in particular the USB cable for my GoPro) with me.
  • May need to invest into some better lighting equipment for my Sony A7 to allow for it to record much better.
  • Deal with artists that have quick turnaround times.
  • Actually go down and suit for longer periods than less to or around an hour.
  • Utilize my phone to actually take pictures at the con.

Overall the con was good, but could've been better, mostly with the interpersonal BS and the failings of my equipment. I also for some reason just didn't go down and out with my fursuit as much as I wanted to, really missing some opportunities to get photo's, video, etc. The GoPro ordeal I think is what really set things back, and for the future I need to check in advance to make sure it's in my possession. Also after a bit of experimenting with one photo, I might start taking more photo's at the con with my smartphone, just because the sooner the pictures are uploaded the better. But besides all this, the con was pretty fun and I really like the location, the accessibility to food/supplies, the hospitality, and the structure worked really well. If I could describe it, I see it kind of like an opposite of MFF, especially where the hotel depends upon height or width. If time allows for it, I see myself heading back to this con.

I'll give FWA 2017 a good 4/5

Now looking forward for the rest of the year, and since I've kept to my word about coming back to at least one con this year stateside, I MAY go for another. Right now it's depending upon some decisions today as this journal gets posted, so things are still kind of in a haze.

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