Current as of July 2018, from most to least of the furry conventions I've attended, historically considered over time~

5/5 -Califur 2014
4.5/5 -Anthrocon 2016
4.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2015
4/5 -Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2016
4/5 -Elliot Springs Gathering 2016
3/5 -Biggest Little Furcon 2016
3/5 -Texas Furry Fiesta 2018
3/5 -Califur 2015
4/5 -Furlandia 2015
3.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2014
3/5 -Anthrocon 2018

2.5/5 -Midwest Furfest 2017
2.5/5 -Rocky Mountain Furcon 2015


A fallow buck from Forever Fallow Falls, a Jack of all Trades (but Master of none) involving drawing, photography, and videography~
Has an interest in deer, railroading, militaria/history, animoo's&mangoe's (extra points if you're a Metroid fan.)~
Feel free to hit me up (also, if you have a good idea for what I should draw, feel free to shoot a suggestion my way.)~


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on 9 July 2018 at 06:59:47 MDT


  • Had folks come out and help me when I needed it.
  • Had a room in the primary hotel, so travel was made incredibly easy.
  • New packets of compression suits were incredibly helpful.


  • Failed to get a new fursuit completed on time and issues that arose from it.
  • Got led on quite a bit.
  • Didn't really have any photo's or video taken of me.
  • Contracted con crud.
  • Lack of any sort of intimacy in general.
  • Demoralized to the point that I didn't get take the initiative to get photo's or video from Saturday to Sunday night, combined with a social media breakdown.


  • Needing to ensure that when something needs to get delivered on time IT WILL GET DELIVERED ON TIME.
  • If I get bullshitted once to immediately cut ties right off the bat to avoid any future trouble.
  • May need to start participating in the NSFW chats.
  • I need to make sure that my fursuit pieces are decontaminated.
  • Regardless of what happens, I need to get out and going in order to make sure I don't get behind, especially in days for the event.


Would you believe that the bad BS snowballed over the weight of a bag at a domestic airport thousands of miles away?

The primary reason why this con turned out to become a fiasco, was over an issue involving the body of a new fursuit not being ready for the event; that was supposed to be the main highlight of it, and I'm mostly convinced that if it wasn't for that, I would've been giving this con a much higher rating.

From that point I felt a lot more sensitive to certain things, and because of that I started coming to find that I was really not enjoying this con, and it's really made me reflect on how I've been doing things for the last two years.

I still stand behind some of the comments I made, I really don't think that I'm getting everything I wanted to out and from the community like I've wanted to, and that is probably going to start having an effect on where I do and don't decode to go for future cons, events, interactions, etc. with other furs.

Things are gonna have to start changing for the better, I'm tired of having these rage outs and downsides to every con I've going to so far. The negativity is really starting to wear on me.

I do apologize for the furs I might've slighted by my actions, and I'm thankful for the furs that took their time to come out and talk with me.

So for AC2018, I'll be lenient and give it a 3/5

(And sitting back, considering how many issues sprung up over the ordeal involving the bag as luggage versus carry-on, I might go back and file a complaint with the airlines for the grief they've caused me.)

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