Arf, I'm not much of an artist, though I have done a little music composition and (very) amateur photography. I'm not likely to post much, but you're welcome to watch me, all the same.

I'm also here to enjoy the great artwork that's being done, and the few I have on my watchlist are individuals whose work I feel is simply outstanding (according to my taste, anyway). You're not likely to see me post any /drawings/ of my own, though, since I'm rather badly artistically impaired. Even stick figures give me a hard time. =P

Looking through my watchlist and favorites, you'll also notice that I have a thing for fursuits. Maybe someday (like when I win the lotto or something =P) I'll get my own, but for now I'll just admire everyone else's. The cuter and more snuggly, the better. ;)


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UPDATED: FC Chinese 2017

on 26 December 2016 at 14:19:15 MST

With FC approaching again, I'd like to announce the 9th annual Saturday Night Chinese meetup. It would be the 10th, but I had to cancel the event last year.

We'll be heading to Wing's Chinese Restaurant again, located in San Jose's Japantown. The place has been run by the same family since 1925, so they're obviously doing something right. Since we've been doing this for a while (and we tip really well), they definitely know who we are. XD

At 5:30, we'll meet up at the Marriott end of the Convention Center, by the stairs on the lower level. We're starting this a little earlier than usual so we don't overlap with the Dance Competition. You can look at the con Schedule here: Further Confusion 2017 Schedule

We'll take the 5:40 light rail up to Japantown.  Here's a map link & details: Google Maps

The light rail tickets cost $2.00, but they're good for 2 hours, so you can re-use your ticket for the return trip.  Also, the light rail kiosks are finally able to accept credit cards.  (TIP: don't put a $20 bill into the ticket machine, as you'll get $18 in COINS back.)

And now, the obligatory bulleted list:

  • Cost-wise, we're looking at about $15-20 per person (plus light rail tickets). No, I'm not paying for everybody. :-p

  • Hit the ATM before we meet up so you have some cash handy (you'll need it for the light rail anyway). This way we can avoid the confusion of giving the waitress a dozen different credit/debit cards.

  • To keep things simple, and to keep costs down, we'll be ordering family-style. Individual dinner platters tend to get lost in the shuffle and cost more per person.

  • Each family-style item is enough for about 2 people, so let's not go overboard at first. We've made that mistake before, and ended up carting a ton of leftovers back to the hotel! We can always order more if we need to.

  • Since I've been asked this before: No, this is not a fursuiting event.  Tails & ears are fine (much to the delight of the restaurant staff), but it's a small space with no changing room, and lots of saucy food that will stain your suit.

  • Because we're a fairly large group (we average around a dozen), I like to call the restaurant ahead so they can prepare for us. So, it'll help if everyone that's going could give me a TXT, Tweet (@SDWolf), or nudge on Telegram (@ShadowDWolf) by 5 pm so I can give them a headcount.

Take care!

- Shadow D. Wolf, Esq. ^..^

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