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Appearing to be in his mid twenties he shows far greater wisdom and intellect for his age. He is in fact very old but he is unageing, and unrelenting in his search for understanding. He is the first of his kind, the first splicer a genetically altered human. His DNA and RNA structures were recombined with the genome of two separate species. The concept was to create a warrior that could withstand any assault. It was found that the original human had an unusual genetic structure that allowed for adjustments to be made with ease. It was first thought that the brain needed to be heightened to 70% of its full capacity, so that the body would naturally recover from the changes made. It would also allow for the use of psychic abilities. With the subject unwilling they started, now kept unconscious and immobile they could continue. His particular DNA was reordered with DNA from a White Tiger and of a Snow leopard, the genomes mixed the best under RNA test sequences after thousands of attempts with various other species. They needed a soldier with stamina, agility, endurance, speed, strength, and intelligence. They succeeded, after years of alterations the subject was ready for memory attuning. A way of making a slave out of almost anyone at the time, ordinarily it was completely illegal. Looking into the glass container the lead scientist saw his plan come to fruition. The attuning procedure was about to begin, however an explosion was made ever relevant as the building collapsed around them all. The creature was quickly lowered in to a sub chamber as the ceiling feel and killed all but the creature. His form safe as part of a security measure, the auto attuning device was damaged however. The being would awake at the preordained time under his own control.


Scyrex is a White tiger/Snow Leopard or Snowtiger, he is tall at 6' 2" and 165lbs, his head is close to that of a tigers, his eyes a dark violet, his fur consists of black spots and stripes as well as a beautiful fluffy snow leopard tail. The fur on his face, chest, and belly have only strips. His back and tail have spots, while his arms, legs, and paws have a blend of spots and stripes. The fur on the underside of his tail and paws are a solid white color. Everywhere were spots or stripes meet white, the color fades to silver before turning while. He has five fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot with a dew claw slightly up the arch of the footpaws. All the pads on his hands and feet are black.


Has Extraordinary taste, a deep yearning for elegance, refinement and harmony. Connoisseur of fine arts and unique crafts, including technology, music and architecture. Has an outstanding sense of responsibility, love and balance; capable of rectifying and balancing any sort of inharmonious situation. Goal oriented, methodical, idealistic and stubborn in any endeavor; is capable of momentous logic and creativity. Has Unbound leadership qualities, a very positive attitude and is a good problem-solver. Is enterprising, versatile and always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Unconventional and eccentric in ideas, and unorthodox in there fruition. Possesses a powerful ambition and love for neutrality and peace Has an uncanny intuition, a true insight into all things, people and situations alike.


Scyrex’ mental powers are intense to say the least, possessing both telekinesis and telepathy he can communicate on a different level than normal. He can reach out to the minds of those around him, showing them his thoughts and ideas in a way that lets others understand his way of thinking. He can utilize the energy within and around him for attack and defensive purposes, condensing that force into a shield or a sphere of power. If ever a comparison should be made, consider Mewtwo as Scyrex’s direct counterpart and equal in terms of sheer power. He is also capable of summoning two shadow tigers, both male, they are his loyal and obedient familiars Zeus and Thor.


Zeus and Thor are twin aspects of his very soul his feral forms if you will; they are his loyal and trustworthy ally’s. He can summon them in a heartbeat by his own will, or when in danger, if unconscious they will appear from his shadow to defend and ward off any enemy. They are magic in nature and as such have innate ability’s. Such as incorporeal shifting to heal any wound, lightning and ice magic to attack and defend with and claws of dark matter that can slice through anything. They are both the shape of a large bangle tiger, with hews of violet and deep silver as their coloring. The stripes are no different from the standard tiger. They possess a shadowed aura much like my own electric blue one only black/blue with streamers of shadow. Familiar Ref


The armor was constructed of a metal that has no name. Its ore collected from a fallen meteor, and crafted using magic, science and psychic abilities. Its structure is ablative in that it possesses a pocket dimension to store the parts of the armor that are not needed on a lesser mode. The armor has four modes, the first being waist to ankle protection not covering the feetpaws for comfort. The second mode covers the feetpaws and handpaws, granting access to the razor sharp metal claws. The third mode covers the abdomen and arms, basically everything but the head and tail. The fourth and final mode completes the covering of his body, head and tail. The last mode allows for space travel and deep water diving, the pocket dimension grants him unlimited access to a breathable environment. All aspects of the armor are controlled by psychic means for extremely fast reaction times.

Mode 1 Ref: N/A

Mode 2 Ref: N/A

Mode 3 Ref: N/A

Mode 4 Ref


On the back center of his armor are hilted two twin swords of the same metal and are sheathed in the hidden dimension of his armor. The swords are tethered to the armor and will return if dropped or taken in battle. The blades glow with intense internal power, having a lightning bolt trapped and mixed with the powers of his Familiars. This power can be felt at great distances by crescent moon shaped blades of raw circling energy. However in order to use this ability his feline summons must be drawn into himself and then in the blades.

Blades Ref


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