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Hi! I draw things. Mostly fuzzy things. I like to do a bit of everything; t-shirt design, illustration, painting, comics, even the occasional costume work. I work mostly with acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and Photoshop CS6. I'm always happy to talk shop, either online or at conventions, and I'm available for a limited number of commissions throughout the year.

Check out my website,, if you want to learn more, or buy some of my work!



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May 2015 Original Art & Print Sale!

Howdy fuzzies!

Check it out-- my May Original Art & Print Sale is now LIVE!

The sale starts today, 05/09, and ends 05/17, and orders will ship by 05/19.

I will also have these prints and originals for sale at BLFC next weekend, so worry not if you will also be in Reno! (And srsly, please do come say hi!)

Thanks for checking out my sale (and spreading the word, if you are so inclined) :)

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    good to see you here!

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    Normally I don't care for the more cartoony style art but something about your work appeals to me so I have to follow you and fav some of those very cool pics!

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    As a digital artist, it's super cool to see people who can do traditional forms of art on the level that you do. It's super super super super awesome :D

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    Nice gallery!

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    It seems like the hyperlink to your homepage is a bit broken, just saying.
    You probably hear this a million times a year but you are just doing lovely work, you can portray and convey emotions so well in your artwork wich is one of the most important aspects for art imo.
    Hope I will be able to snagg a sketch or something if you'll do those at RF :)

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    What a lovely surprise to see you're following me! I'm a big fan of your work :3

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    'Just wanted to say you did a great job on those pannels for "Oh Joy Sex Toy". :)