Grandmother's War by Scott Ruggels

Grandmother's War

Scott Ruggels

29 January 2014 at 18:29:13 MST

I have shared the coloring technique if one is curious, as it took 4.5 hours from inks to full colors, here: .
I tried to keep a WW2 Western Desert feel for this piece "Grandmother's War." Photoshop Scott A. H. Ruggels 1 / 2000

The "Combat Uniform" of there period Evolved into the "Dress Sands" Uniform worn by the Granddaughter, Tsurukh. The contemporary Combat Uniform I may upload later or redraw.


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    I've loved this drawing since I first saw it in Yerf.....I can't remember how many years ago. The armor here is so perfectly adapted to a therapod body, it just looks really cool. I like the faceplate, taking in consideration how a helmet would best fit on a non-humanoid skull.

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      well you build for the body. both Japanese armor and Medieval european armour were built to allow for protection and movement. Yu can even swim in European armor, but don't stop moving. The differences in both armors are construction techniques and cultureal factors. for this the thinking was, How would I armor a Therapod using early 20th century British construction techniques? all the equipment follows the design cues of patter 1908 and pattern 37 gear, and a printed, ruberized sheet around the blanket across the top of the hips. Just make the equipment on Mills Weave machines, and cut and stitch to size. You could do the same thing, with German style leather Patronentaschen gear, or like the pick of Tsurukh in the Green armor which was following early 1879's (Viet Nam) M1968-M1972 LBE styling cues and more uses of Fiberglass, or aluminum oxide ceramics over steel backing, and early composite vests. The culture gives it form. The body gives it shape.

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    Just too cool! X3