Looking Back by Scott Ruggels

Looking Back

Scott Ruggels

31 July 2013 at 18:14:41 MDT

I admit, this is complete fan service. No specific character, Santa Monica Beach, Nice weather. The original Sketch I think I intended to finish and submit to Radio Comix as pinup filler for them, but never finished. Finally using manga Studio 4 EX, I have finished the piece a little better than I could have a decade ago, but about looking like I intended. The inks themselves were a joy, so I spent the balance of the time exploring the toning tools, to get smooth gradients, avoid moire patterns, and play with the lighting a little,make it look more like Manga and less like cel shading. The tone tools are perhaps a little limited, but very deep. There is still a lot to learn from this program, though such as the panel tools, and the word balloons and lettering guides. This is seriously tempting me to do some comics..maybe... The Lifeguard tower was a model of the type seen on the Santa Monica beaches, that I found in the Google Sketchup warehouse. Why didn't I figure out using 3D content in my 2D work before? I mean I make 3D...