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About me:
I'm Scoots, use to go by Renji and other things. I'm usually nice and wanting to get to know new people all the time, though I tend to be shy at times and end up breaking down almost instantly, likely because I think I might have anxiety and I can get really hostile when bothered too much, hell if I know if I do. I do have it socially because I nearly flip out on co-workers under pressure... or break in the mind. I tend to beat myself up a ton about the past because I think I can let it go, when really I cannot forget them and can only look at them as mistakes that'll forever stick to me, so I get episodes of serious depression that causes me to pull really rash decision making, so if that happens, please come talk to me. It might seem that I'll be trying to ask to be left alone, but no really, come talk to me because I do need it.

I do RP and I like to respect the interests anyone has in whatever it is they like, even if I'm not into it. If you feel I hurt you in anyway, don't hide from me, confront me and tell me that I did, because I can't read minds when you're putting on a face that says everything is fine and your actually pissed at me for something, and don't tell me late, like tell me immediately, because I want to talk things out. If your feeling down, I can talk to you about those issues or I take action. Sorry that's just kinda the way I end up dealing with things, action is pretty much the most I now, but I can listen.. I just really care. Maybe a bit much at times.

If you want to chat with me more, get to know me, my skype contact is on my profile, it's what I use the most these days.


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on 29 August 2015 at 19:14:34 MDT

I'm DemonbBox from FA, my old weasyl account was Scouters here, if that's right, just that I'm a piece of shit incapable of remembering passwords for things, so this is the new account here.

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