cold space by Schiraki

cold space


26 July 2017 at 09:12:00 MDT

There are moments in life where you suddenly realize a hurtfull distance between you and the person you love.

A commission done for :iconFurcom: :)

Done in colored pencils on A4 watercolorpaper.

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    Another beautiful image from you. Awesome details and it captures excellent, how both charakters feel in that moment. Thank you!

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      Thank you very much Furan! It was again a pleasure to work with you. :)

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    I love this! (Is a ST fan. :) )

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      I would not consider me a fan, but I watched every season of every generation (except ds9 actualy because I dont like Sisko that much.... :/ )

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      Whats your favorite season? :)

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        "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is my fave.......I love Patrick Stewart. DS9 is my very least favorite........everyone seemed so angry and angsty in it. @_@ It felt like it went against Roddenberry's view of a "positive future"........

        I think the original series and Voyager are tied for my #2........the idea of "new" and "exploration" are themes I love. :)

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          Exactly how I feel about DS9 too. I had my problems with this "mystic tought" they tried to give it. I have seen this in "Babylon 5" before but I think because it fits better into that universe. In DS9 it feels a bit forced.

          "Voyager" was my favorite (because Janeway and borg) and followed by the next generation.

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            DS9 needs a bit time to get running. The first two Seasons are sometimes a bit boring. But beginning with the third Season it gains momentum.
            I did read a while ago, that the whole "feel" of the DS9 TV series was influenced by the jugoslavian war. And thats the reason for it unusual look and so on.

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              I can see that. Isn't 3rd season about when they started the explorations with their little runner ship and all?

              I know they wanted to try something different for the franchise, but the angst kind of turned me off from liking any of the characters................ chuckle

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            Yeah.........I remember DS9 and "Babylon 5" were practically running at the same time. It was a strange race between those shows............but "Babylon 5" felt more "colorful" and "bright" to me.

            I also love Captain Janeway..............after Captain Picard, she probably is my favorite Starfleet Captain ever. :)