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Ebony's Lingerie Meeting by SatsumaLord

Ebony's Lingerie Meeting


8 October 2014 at 07:40:15 MDT

"And as you can see from the prepared documents, by allowing your employees to wear my specially-crafted line of lingerie, your profit margins would easily quintuple within the next few months..."

A color commission for gamemaster19863 and monoorange.

Ebony (left) speaks with Ragnhild (right) about a possible business partnership; wherein Ebony supplies Ragnhild with a multitude of sexy lingerie outfits for her employees, as a means to increase productivity amongst the rather gravid goat's staff (and yes, I'm aware that I made a pregnancy pun; I hope that's not an issue for you guys). :)

And as for what's specifically happening, Ragnhild is looking over some economic projections for her surrogate agency via Ebony's Banana tablet (since who even uses clipboards anymore?). And by the look on Ragnhild's face, she seems to be pretty intrigued with what she's seeing. =p

...oh, and Ragnhild's decision to dress up in lingerie herself is because it'd just be rude to "out-dress" a possible business partner; especially one as financially fruitful as Ebony. X3

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. =3

Ebony copyright gamemaster19863
Ragnhild copyright monoorange
artwork copyright SatsumaLord


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    That is a lovely store I'd love to visit.