I'm a person who loves drawing anthro and cartoon sketches, playing video games, listening to music. I also am a military enthusiast who likes doing World War 2 Re-enacting. Another thing about me is I'm a Transgender woman. Born a male but with a strong desire to be female. As well As my love of drawing curvy women. I'd like to be a woman someday while being with one. I won't shove it down anyone's throats or anything. So I'm sure we'll get along nicely. I love to make friends, chat and RP and stuff.

I also came from Furaffinity and I have a Deviant art account as well. Thought it'd be cool to have 3 accounts to show my works. So I'll be posting stuff up here as well. Anymore than 3 accounts would be a nightmare to maintain.

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Jasmine Star

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The 2020's.. A new beginning

on 7 February 2020 at 11:22:06 MST

Hey all. It's Jasmine here. It's been awhile since I been on here. I really do apologise to all for not being active as much on here as 2019 was a pretty bad one for myself. Losing my brother to cystic fibrosis back in August on his 34th Birthday. I've been in a pretty bad way since then. Feeling so guilt ridden and depressed. It's been hard to motivate myself do anything for awhile. Now that I've been drawing again and making more of a comeback. I've Been a lot active on FA and DA and Twitter lately which explains why I've not been uploading on here as of late.

To which I plan to upload here again and more often. I hope everyone here has been well and I really appreciate the follows and watches people have been giving me so far. It really is deeply appreciated.

That's it for this update. Hope all is well.

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    Jasmine, I found you.

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    What's up

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      I'm ok. Just been not feeling good lately. You?

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        I'm doing good thanks for asking:)

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    Sweet Christmas! Thanks for the watch!

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    have a great day.

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    oh thank you for the fave o3o

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    yo remember me.