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Heya, I'm Sasq here is a run down.

Been drawing for a while now, recently started painting digitally since December of 2012. Brings me a lot of pleasure, it has taken the spot of video games as my favorite pastime.

Been a furry since I was a wee lad, didn't do much with.

I'm pretty straight forward person, tend to lack a little tact from time to time. I usually keep my opinions close and guarded, often saying nothing at all should it prove fruitless to say anything otherwise. As a result I appear more quiet then I am. Trust me when I say once you get me talking, there aint no shutting me up. I am however introverted so my idea of a good time is at home with my little trusty Bamboo tablet drawin' and listening to muzak. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good talk. I love having conversations with people about random crap, speculating about various things and whatnots.

Wanna draw for a living someday, doing commissions seems like a sweet way to do something I love and make money off it.

Aint gunna happen with me sitten' here *grabs stylus*

P.S. Can find me on FA too :y



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Taking Commissions

Been putting it off long enough. I certainly need the dosh If I'm going to keep my rent paid and food in the belly. If I'm gunna sell my self might as well be at something I'm decent at. Would appreciate if yall spread the word too. I can only shout so loudly on the Internets after all, heh.

The following will serve as the Price list for now. A ToS will be at the bottom as well.

There will 5 slots open, Post in the comments section below. Afterwards send me a note with what you want.

We must use Paypal as my primary method of accepting payment. For now at least, I have plans on opening additional avenues for payment in the future.

*Flat Colors Single Character $10

Pretty simple here, Flat colors no shading or heavy lighting. Additional Characters will be 5$

It comes with a colored background to keep the image from appearing on a white backdrop

unless otherwise stated.

*Cell-Shaded Character/s $15


This one in particular will have a second Character free of charge. Simple background included as well.

Let's say they're resting on a bed, staring out a window or looking over a cliff into a void for example.

Any 3rd or more character will come at a $5 charge each.

*Digital painting, Single Character $20

EX: (nsfw) (nsfw)

These also come with a simple background such as stated above free of charge. Additional Characters however will 5$ each with a limit on 3.

*Reference sheet $20-35

EX: (nsfw)

These will vary depending on what it is exactly that you would want. The example given I would charge $35.

A $20 Ref sheet would consist of two body shots Clothed or unclothed with additional important details barring any detailed text such as Biographies.

*Complex Backgrounds $5-??

These are for more complicated backgrounds such as a desert landscape or an industrial warehouse.

I will not draw anything stated below. Anything with a *** will have certain exceptions I would find acceptable.










Self Mutilation***


Face farting (facepalm)



Pretty much everything else Is good to go, don't think I'm missing anything. Remember the asterisks and ask if you're curious about my limitations with that subject matter!

I will be using email or notes respectively to communicate with you. I would prefer Email, but if you would like to use notes I am all happy for it.

I can use skype if you wish, just need to set it up. None of my close friends use it so I never picked it up.


*I will begin work according to the order I receive requests.

*Changes can be made prior to me beginning the work.

*If you don't provide me with the necessary information you will be moved down the list until you do.

*Any errors on my part, can and will be fixed immediately.

*Any errors on your part will also be fixed as quickly as possible, within reason. Say you chose the wrong character, that would have to cost you additional fees.

*Payment must be received prior to work.

*Once payment has been sent you will have time to request a refund until the image is half finished upon this receive a partial refund and the partial image, albeit cleaned up.

That being said, I'm going to slep! Zzzz...

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