Awkward Family Issues by Sapphirus

Awkward Family Issues


19 January 2019 at 19:56:02 MST

Sapphirus was called again by her sons here to settle issues they can never fix, and one uberly awkward one at that. Shadorius in general never stops calling Holyrius a fruitloop even with all the whacks to the head his mom's given him because he likes to pick on him, Holy in general tries not to let it piss him off infront of him since he gets a kick out of malice and anger from others. Topics this time is about Holyrius' advanced "male" developments, since he happens to have grew bigger, a bit more faster than his older brother and he's not happy about. Holy's not sure how that info was passed around in the first place, since he never likes to associate himself with his big brother.

Sapphy is annoyed enough she has to be in the middle of their feuds once again and wants nothing to do with this one especially. Due to Sapphirus's least fav element of hers being Dark/Evil and her Fav is Light/Holy, that could've been the reason things happened to them as they did unintentionally. Holy's more "Privileged" it seems, his horns are thicker, and his wings developed before Shadow's. That's an older story though.