Sapphirus Reference 2019 (Sweet Mary-Sueness) by Sapphirus

Sapphirus Reference 2019 (Sweet Mary-Sueness)


31 December 2018 at 22:28:41 MST


• The red on Sapphirus Leather jacket is no longer flamey looking (See past refs), the red is cropped into a V shape, with an extra V line over it. As much as I always wanted it a shade of blue, red brings her character out more.

• Two Halos are near the base of Sapph's horns now. Instead of just one around the top big horn.

• Boots no longer got 2 diamonds beside the rainbow gems, they got two spiral designs coming down from the gem now on each.. They will always have spike soles on them, like snow boots.

• There's some scale design on Sapph's leather pants now. Not made from another dragon, but her own scales.

• Wings Have be made a tad more fit for Sapphirus, they're suppose to be bigger than her body, but that doesn't work well in pics (example: Old reference)

• Wing spiral designs have been changed.

• Back of the wings, membrane parts are more together and the bottom is the same color as the front.

• Base form teeth/ref, gold is removed. That's only on shown in her true form, or shapeshift feral forms.

• Old Sapphirus Reference:
• Sapphirus's true form:
• How Sapphirus looks nude (NSFW/For markings ref):
• Other Sapphirus Art:

(A proud Mary Sue, because, screw the rules!)
•Name: Sapphirus

•Full name: Sapphirus Dracas

•Nicknames: Sapphy (most common), Sapph, Sapphie, Sapphire.

•Name meaning: Well I wanted to name her based on my fav gemstone, and with some type of dragony sounding ending. "rus", even though some Dinosaurs have that too >.>...

•Gender: Female (If someone tells you something different, because she doesn't fit their agenda especially, they're a retard...)

•Height: 5'7-5'9 in her base form (Kemonomimi form here)

•Weight: In base form, over 1 ton (Looks to be way lighter, but weight doesn't affect her)

•Feathers or Fur: Sapphirus has feathers, scales is under the feathers. Base for is smooth human looking skin.

•Age: Immortal/ N/A

•Birthday: June 27th like me, as for her character creation, around 1998. (IC: Was born when existence began.)

•Species: A Cosmic character so I guess an Alien in some ways, known as a Cosmic Eastern Feathered Dragoness in full form , Chimera mix because of her tails having minds of their own like snakes on an actual chimera, Base form is a Eastern/Western Dragoness Kemonimimi character.

•Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual (Deal with it, not everything colorful = homosexual, i've had harassment and "peer pressure" on her based on that. Don't Stereotype her thanks)

•Role: Goddess of Dragons & Elements

•Weakness N/A, she's Invincible. I stop caring about what ppl think of her tbh, my beloved MAIN OC + I'd never want harm coming upon her. (But she has emotions at least and shares them with me, if I draw her representing a situation im dealing with.)

•Most unique ability: Besides creating planets in her main form, she can make limbs like her tails, wings, horns disappear/re-appear for situations. ( Example: When I draw Sapphirus in M+ scenes, I tend to draw her without wings / tails to avoid a clutter LOL.) BUT her horns is always present no matter what.

•Ultimate power: Elementro Impact! This is basically what her rainbows all comes down to. Sapph's design in this pic is a tad inaccurate compared ot this new Ref now.



Sapphirus's height is like my own, 5'7-5'9. Her weight though doesn't, she weighs over a ton, but it doesn't affect her or she looks like it. She can sizeshift and shapeshift into anything, but it's usually feral if an animal, and she can change into other people (An excuse to cosplay or something.) Sapphirus's true form is an Eastern Dragon (see above for link.). Her body type is and hourglass in way, she has hug breast (about DD). Her inner flesh is cyan/light blues so her nipples and her outter vagina will show some hints of that color. (Like you see some pink flesh from vaginas in pics). Her flesh can glow, so also these too. Sapphirus has hands and feet like a human, just with longer sharp nails. (Example: Look at Inuyasha or Sesshomaru's hand claws). Tips of her feet and hands are cyan blue colored.

Multiple halos swirl in different areas of Sapphirus's body, the ones above her head is the only place where 3 swirl around eachother and 3 stars around them, like the atomic symbol. They glow all the time and they have stars around them, unlike the head, the others halos in places, there's 2, with a star on each side. These represent her divinity, and that's she's a Deity of Good. She's a Cosmic born character also, so technically she could be called an Alien also.

Sapphirus's hair is Sapphire/or Cobalt blue. It's spikey along with her front bangs and sideburns that are face length. Hair as whole, goes down her back and stops at her top butt. Cyan streaks are on the tips of her hair also. She was originally a Sonic OC when I created her so sonic like hair inspiration. I usually haver it untamed when I draw it but I sometimes put her in ponytails.

Wings are feathers, with scales under them. Top wing is like that, top bases of them are sharp like axes, two are on each. 3rd section is white feathers, 3rd is membraned like a dragon's wings, they're super flexible, and invulnerable to damage. They're normally bigger than Sapphirus's body, but Sapphirus is a shape and size shifter, so she can shrink or enlarge them. Tbh, Sapphirus is a levitation type of traveler, wings are mostly to show off, but she'll use the wings too sometimes. The wing tips are made of gold, front wings got rainbow gems embedded into the main membrane, the back are spirals instead, each side is opposite position of eachother.

Horns are Eastern Dragon style, white colored with a gold brace around the base, and gold tiped on the longest horn ending. Assorted elemental gemstones are embedded in each. Two yellow halos swirl around the middle of each.

You wonder what the rainbows on Sapphirus represents? Well each symbolizes an element, ones she possessed. The rainbow gemstones store/manage her strongest Elemental energy at once, the single colors help also. Red-Fire, Orange - Earth, Yellow= Electric, Green = Nature, Blue = Aqua, Cyan = both Ice and Wind, Indigo = Mind, Magenta = Venom, Black = Dark, and White= Light/Holy. Sapphirus's eyes are a green/blue normally but they change color depending on the element she uses. (See right for examples).

Sapphirus can move her tails but they havbe minds of their own, this is what ppl would consider her "physical" defense for her body. This is where her Chimera side applies to her being, they act like the snakes on the ends of Chimeras. They got an eye on each side of the axe blades, 4 rainbow gems embedded on each side also, two halos with 2 stars around each. Left one is the aggressive/tough one, so that will attack anything that comes close without thinking, it's always angry. Right side is the calmer/more strategical one that thinks things out before doing, always positive. They're female of course. They don't make noises, but they speak to Sapphirus telepathically.

Sapphirus can make her limbs disappear for conveniences or intimate situations, like a love making scene or something, but she makes sure atleast her horns/halos are presented all the time. Her humanoid/Kemonomimi form has skin, that looks similar to human skin but a lot more tougher than it looks. Tails and wings are feathers and scales, shapeshifts are feral only, and consists of the same hide etc as her feathers and tails.w

Spirals decorate Sapphirus body, the line parts are specifically a dark blue/navy, though sometimes draw black. They were kinda inspired by Egyptian side eye tattoos, mainly Marik Ishtar's from Yugioh. The coloring around them is cyan painted and can glow. They're found all over her body, mainly on the side body ares like arms, hips, thighs and legs, not in inner areas. None is on her neck, or feet/hands. Sapphirus's skin is of a Tann/Caramel. To be specific, look up Native American skin colors, those types. I'm a mixed female myself irl, so i mostly of Indian descendants like Cherokee/Blackfoot, then black, some Latino, German, small bit of white. And this is my color irl also.

Sapphirus's red design on her jacket finally has been changed, no longer the flame design she's had for many years, but it's a cropped V, with an additional V line above it now. Sleeves look like attachments but it's part o the jacket also. The neck has a fluff that's made from her white feathers, it's not fur. A gold zipper keeps the jacket closed, I never draw Sapphirus with her jacket open but I will fully in the future. She would be bare under though, no bra, same with no undies or anything worn under her pants, and now there's some scale design is on her pants (her own scales). Boots no longer got the diamonds on the sides of the rainbow gems. Two spiral swirl designs drop from the gemstone now.

•Sapphirus's Heart•
It's crystallized, looks like this