Sapphirus True form + Shapeshift Forms by Sapphirus

Sapphirus True form + Shapeshift Forms


26 January 2019 at 21:52:46 MST

Sapphirus's True form:

Ok so Sapphirus can shapeshift/sizeshift into any creature, literally anything, but I had her in limited forms, they're feral also, as she greatly prefers that than going any animal anthro forms. Sapphirus's true form is literally bigger than a general sun like the one we have by farrr, but she has an earthy sized form of her true form too, just to explore the planets she crafts or go on her kemonomimi form, she creates her own dragons, and gifts them with their own element from 1-2, to rarely 3 elements.

The Feligon feral form is like a saber cat, originally she didn't have a mane like a male lion's mane, but now thats how her hair goes in that form. Wolfagon is the other one, least used of them all, all forms have Sapphirus's hairstyle on them also, and eyes are all one color (her basic eye color), and not like her general Kemonomimi form.

The Feligon form and Wolfagon are the sizes of general feral dragons ( Gargantuan sizes for DnD lists by default) but can go as small as a mouse.