Sapphirus's True form +2018 update+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus's True form +2018 update+


6 January 2018 at 09:30:40 MST

~Art by me:

~Note: Yes, I know I'm a huge Mary-Sue user, and this idc about. It's fun to me. I use to not be like this in RP/IC in the past, but then I quit RPing , soon not caring about flaws etc, and wanted to have fun with a complicated OP Persona for my personal joy, who represents what I'd like to be in fantasy, ignoring what others think. So if Mary-Sue characters trigger your OC logic, then you can ignore this lol.

~If you wanna read more about Sapphirus in general, you can read here, I plan to make a new Sapphirus Ref soon, getting this dragon out of the way first:

I'm Happy to renew Sapphirus in her True/Original form since the last ones was made in 2016. The general backstory of her was that she was a Cosmic Deity, who loves to craft planets, moons and stars, and other space works, treating them as her personal artworks, giving each of her creations it's own uniqueness, adding some form of Elements and atmospheres to them, like her ice/water world above her, adding a ring around it like Saturn has, plus 2 halos for fun like she always have levitating above or around parts of her body. Sapphirus also creates dragons and gives them each an element or 2 in her worlds also, rainbows representing each of the elements she can harness, and she has unlimited supply of energy at that: Fire, Earth, Electric, Nature, Ice, Wind, Mind, Venom, Dark and Holy (light in this case). Sometimes when Sapphirus gets bored, she'll go into early sizes to explore her created worlds, capable of shapeshifting/sizeshift into anything, and Sapphirus's Kemonomimi form was her choice of a base look as you see me draw her as normally.

I got some side feral beasts I've had Sapph be such as a smaller version of this dragon, a Wolfagon, a Dragoline, or a feligon, those are ones I stuck to most for hybrid beasts on the side, i'll work on those later. As for size, just imagine that DBS Dragon God's dragon's size. I didn't have no comparisons til he became a thing in the series. Sapphirus's Tl'DR species name is "Eastern Tyrant Feathered Chimera Dragon". The Chimera part is her tails. Sapphirus in general has feathers with scales under them in her animal forms, mane is more like hair than fur.


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    This is amazing omg

    Complex characters are absurdly fun to play with and absurdly hard to draw lol, how long did this take you to make do you think? :o

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      Almost 3 days from final lineart to completion.

      Tldr of that reason LOL....

      It in WIP mode since Dec 26th with first lineart, morning of Jan 4th I went back to it again since I wanted it to be done in 2018, I hated the current lineart, so I redid it one more time, which took under 40 min. Coloring was hours after the lineart, which I took slightly more time on. This would've been done under a day normally since I got a crapload of time on my hands, but instead I took sections to work on at a time for the few days.

      Since I try to work on the smallest details first, than last now, I started coloring on the beads then the eyes since same layer as beads, after was the halosm then the belly + all other white parts, the golds + their shades. Then on the 5th, I worked on the cyan feathers, planets, some glows and their shading yesterday, I colored her mane but I shaded half of it in the pic, around 1 am I finished the rest, then I colored the body, added the light blue markings around the body swirls etc then the shades, generally in each area I finished, I manually color the lineart to fit the area and add those colorful lines around it to make to pop out more which is my my main style for my most detailed works, and instead of dark grey default BG I start with, I made the BG purple after I colored the brown part of the body, but didnt add the darker shades + starts to it til after I finished, The white parts would've normally been darker grey on the lineart, but I made it purple since space/purple BG an all. Sorry this is TL'DR. x.x

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        I miss when I was that driven; I take a solid week to do anything nowadays it seems, your discipline is impressive 8o

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          Art is my job pretty much and i take care of a family member at their house, so I got a lot of time on my hands to work on art and such. Usually when it's my own works I tend to take my time usually, for commissions, I try to be more focused on the work, I give like 7 days max for ppl to wait on a pic in my commission sheets, though it rarely takes over 2 days for any commission if nothing is in the way, especially if its a pic colored like this, lower qualities, shorter time. I'm sometimes up all night working on art. :D

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    in all honesty for a mary sue OC this is done really well!