Sapphirus Reference +2018+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus Reference +2018+


25 January 2018 at 18:00:27 MST

There's some edits I gotta do later. (Forgot to blend in her last inner wing gem etc.)

PS was being an ass so I did the text in MS Paint, so gonna have to somehow edit this without having to type shit all over again.

Changes: Removed those lines on her clothing, eyes and tail's eyes are now mint green instead of light green now. Halo designs changed. Should wing base swirl design changed, Boot design changed.Gold fang tips added for Kemonimimi form (extended only).

Old Ref:
True form of Sapphirus:
Sapphirus's Ultimate move: (For Power reference only)
Sapphirus's Character Orgins/old looks:
Other Sapphirus art:

Title: OMG MARY SUE ALERT (Idc though :D )
Name: Sapphirus
Full name: Sapphirus Dracas
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9?
Weight: Never tell/CAN VARY
Feathers or Fur: What looks like fur on Sapphirus anywhere is actually feathers.
Age: Immortal (29, she ages with me irl. Also born when existence began.)
Species: A cosmic Eastern feathered Dragoness, Chimera, mainly a Kemonimimi character though for base, though in her kemonimimi form her draconic features is mixed of eastern/western. She's NOT a Furry.
Sexuality: Straight (Deal with it)
Role: Goddess of Dragons & Elements
Weakness N/A, she's Invincible, because screw logic! Don't care about what ppl think of her, my beloved MAIN OC + I'd never want harm coming upon her. (But she has emotions at least.<3)

Most unique ability: Besides creating planets in her main form, she can make limbs like her tails, wings, horns disappear/re-appear for situations. ( Example: When I draw Sapphirus in M+ scenes, I tend to draw her without wings / tails to avoid a clutter LOL.)[/i]

Ultimate power: Elementro Impact! This is basically what her rainbows all comes down to. Sapph's design in this pic is inaccurate now.

Traits: Wears Rainbow gems or assorted gems, helps to store her unlimited elemental powers. Spiral/Swirl markings decorate her body, some different in areas exclusively.

Clothes:Basically A black leather outfit, painted red/flame-ish going up the chest, sleeves are red also. White cuffs are found on the shoulder areas, bottom of the sleeves, and bottom of the jacket. White diamonds decorate the top sleeves, assorted colorful gembeads decorate the bottom sleeves. Pants is all black, boots is gray with a gold front, each with one rainbow gem in the middle + a diamond on each side. Soles are spikey metal, you can say they are structured like snowboots?

Tails: These are the only physical defense of Sapph, kinda like snakes to a Chimera. Right one is the calmer, more strategical tail, it's the one that likes to find the weakness in the enemy, think before act type of tail, aka the smart one. Left is the Brawny/mean one, action first, ask questions later. You can see the expressions on their one eye, left looks mean only. Tails have their own will and Sapphirus can only control them in her true form. They are an odd axe-design looking shape with 4 rounded rainbow gems on each base of the axe. Middle of them are the eye of the tails as mentioned, they're mint green like Sapphirus's eyes. Each side has an eye so each tail had two eyes on each blade middle side.

Wings: They are hybrid, half feathers and half draconic. Top being axe shaped with a claw beside it, and are very sharp, each with a huge rainbow gem embedded under them. 2 spiraling halos with 2 stars swirl around them also. white feathers are in the middle of the wing, bottom is membrane designed, wing claws being gold tipped. Inner wings are Cyan blue with the same rainbow gems as the top of the wings have in each window, the ending tip of the membrane wings are mint blue like her eyes.

Wing claw Inspiration (main):
Wing claw Inspiration 2:

Horns: They are white eastern designed, basically thick with assorted gems decorating each. Gold bracelets cuffed on the bottom base of them. 1 Spiraling halo hangs around on the top of each horn.