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antifafurs (BLM)
{ he/him - trans - ‘95 }

I'm Jack, an Irish/Canadian comic author based around Vancouver, BC. I love my wife, big monsters, bright colours, loud music, and being by the ocean.

I have a lot of stories to tell, nice to meet you!

My favourite genres to write and draw are drama and horror; there will be heavy themes in a lot of my works to do with mental health and healing from trauma, and while I try to cover all the bases in my content warnings, please let me know if you need anything else tagged.

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Latest Journal

*blows the dust off here*

So 2020 happened, and I've been so stressed and depressed that I really havent had the time or energy to draw anything else outside of TREVOR, just keeping on top of weekly updates has been hard to do! And with the resizing that FA, DA, and especially weasyl do, it hasn't really been worth it uploading every page here as I make them. Hence the radio silence for months on end, sorry if it seemed like I died

I'm still struggling to keep my head above water, and I'm actually going to be moving this year, so things are going to get worse before they get better BUT... I miss drawing light-hearted stuff. It brings me joy. And as much as I love my current project, TREVOR is a much more dour story than I'd like to be making while the world is on fire. That isn't going to stop me from finishing it, I'm still doing one page a week, but I'm really going to push myself to draw something fun alongside that work, to keep me sane and also give me some other drawings to post up

I DID manage to make some really self indulgent stuff last month and it gave me exactly the good feelings I needed, so I'm not going to push myself to the point of burning out, just enough that when I'm able to, I can treat myself to the payoff of happy art. I'm going to be posting that in a bit here to my scraps folder on furaffinity, cos its rather spicy

Anyways, the ending of TREVOR isnt far away, it wraps up late spring! I'm looking forward to tying a nice bow on whats the first of many stories, and moving on to one thats got a happy ending. Said next project is starring the characters from the aforementioned spicy artwork, so if you like seeing these naked old men, chances are you're going to like their tale haha

It's going to be a while before that gets going, I've got some shorter projects to knock out first while I'm in the development stage, and if youre interested, you can see updates on things the soonest over at my twitter:

Here's to making this year better, for the people around us and ourselves, keep wearing a mask even after you get the vaccine!

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