The Malengeki by sanctumpolis

The Malengeki


21 May 2016 at 00:57:34 MDT

An organization that holds its history in the start of the War of Old and New is what we want to focus on today. One called Malengeki.

The Malengeki was formed in Juburan and Lupanth as a safe haven for humans and half-breeds who tried to escape persecution and slavery before the War of Old and New. Humans had been seen as lesser since their inciting of the War of the Gate. Much of Old Solarism taught that this was their punishment for causing such mass destruction.

The Malengeki, which roughly translates from Eimal to mean “We are the Spirit of the People”, was a way for humans and sonnen sympathizers to protect these disenfranchised people. They used hidden routes to send either escaped slaves or resources across the mainland between Juburan and Lupanth. From what the Sacris Intelligentium had gathered, a faction within this group were the ones to incite rebellion, leading to the onset of the War of Old and New. They were then disbanded after the war and the freedom of human slaves was decreed with the Sacris Gentium Alliance at its helm.

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