Featured Friday - M:INI Comic 3: Kleptomania by sanctumpolis

Featured Friday - M:INI Comic 3: Kleptomania


7 August 2015 at 13:36:03 MDT

See Comic 3 - Kleptomania here: http://bit.ly/1Hl7HpR

Hello Dreamwalkers,

Our next comic in Sanctum Polis - M:INI focuses on Bishop Zerinel who teaches mathematics and leads the choir at Solaris Notre University. He is the head of House Aquirelle. Zerinel comes from the northern most island of Jubarun and wears the traditional garb of Arador. Also he is seen as the most strict of all the Bishops; he believes every student should adhere to the rules and refuses to bend them for anyone. Drake Vasquez also makes a cameo in this comic.

From all of us on the Quadrangle Games Development Team.