Featured Friday - M:INI Comic Is Now Live by sanctumpolis

Featured Friday - M:INI Comic Is Now Live


11 July 2015 at 00:23:41 MDT

Hey everyone!

We’ve been talking about the release of this for weeks now, and the time has finally come. The release of Sanctum Polis - Misadventure: I Never Imagined, short stories showing the lives of the students at Solaris Notre University (SNU).

These mini comic strips will be releasing every other week starting today. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making them. The art is done by Lowemond Milo, and the script is written by Luis Velasco Jr. See Enlarged Version Here: http://bit.ly/1Hl7HpR

Also, we have recently updated the website, adding our Thank You! page honoring all of you who have supported us since the game’s inception. You can find it at SanctumPolis.com/thankyou.html

If you've donated or won a contest for SanctumPolis SanctumPolis - Rest Eternal Memory, please check your email for an exclusive update on our game's development.

Thank you all again for helping us keep the dream alive.

From all of us on the Quadrangle Games Development Team


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    You guys are making a video game too, right? Where's the playable demo?

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      We've just recently revealed our latest updates on game development to backers and contest winners. Though this information is currently exclusive to them, we will publicly reveal more in the near future. For now we recommend that you keep up with our social media or the news section of our website for the latest information on Sanctum Polis and the demo.