Rain by SampsonWoof



16 June 2014 at 23:03:54 MDT

I need you. Need you like nothing I've known.

You are my life. All that powers my existence is held in my arms.

So much of my life has been empty. I had no idea how empty it was until you filled the
empty spaces of my feral soul.

Your body captivated me. The smooth texture of your skin. The way you moved. I was

When I watched you change for the first time, I marvelled at the way your frame took
to your canine features. How much more beautiful you became when you became mine at
last. I worship you. You nourish my soul like the rain.

No longer two separate souls, we are one. Complete. You are more perfect than before.

Without you, I am nothing.

I'm trapped. Trapped by your emotions.

Your feelings.

Your ideas.

Your plans.

Any dreams that once sparked within me have been extinguished by my silent tears.

Now it's too late. You've remade me in your image. I left my humanity behind for you.

No wonder you will never let me go.

You don't sense my pain. Indifference or ignorance keeps you from seeing the subtle,
pathetic attempts I make at escape. I loathe and admire your dedication to your
ultimate life project: me.

I am but your vessel. Your canvas to paint upon. You keep me for yourself and I simply
comply, never to dance free in the rain.

I suppose it's justice, poetic or otherwise, that the prison you keep for me was built
by its captive.

Without you, I am nothing.

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    Critique and I will prefix this with I haven't done one of these in a long time. Composition: overall pretty good given that its two figures hugging. The muscle tones of your figures keeps improving and is looking good. I love how you suggest fur using minimum line work and coloring. It could be just me but the front canines right legs appears to be a bit small. I love the black wols look, muscle tone, his physical bulk is definitely clear and his eyes are gorgeous. The expression on the other caninbe could use some work, he looks either very bland or slightly angry., not certain what the intent was there. The coloring amazes me and again both figures have a very good physical look and anatomy over all looks very good.

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      You've hit the nail on the head with the legs... I struggled with the perspective there and it shows.

      The dawg's expression is supposed to be one of emptiness. I wanted to convey the fact he's nothing more than a doll... a figurine for the dominant wolf. Vacant emptiness from years of suppressing his own needs.

      Colours and anatomy are the two things I've focused on this year and am so glad you noticed!

      Thank you, Silvermane - I REALLY appreciate this!

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        Legs, thighs (especially nude male), and hands/fingers are my bane. I know what looks right but the mechanics of drawing them correctly keep eluding me despite anatomy books, studying figures, and tips found online. More practice maybe but glad I could help.

        Hmmm blank expression, now you mention it sort of does convey that. Not sure how clearer you could make it or if that really is nessecary.

        I definitely have noticed vast improvement overall and very happy to help you out! :)

        No problem at all. Kepp up the good work and keep on drawing and you'll keep getting better.