Bold Move by SampsonWoof

Bold Move


26 July 2014 at 23:20:38 MDT

It must be the ocean.

Nothing else could possibly produce such gorgeous pre-sunset light like
this. The magical way it played upon surfaces and cast colourful
shadows entranced me like no other time of the day.

To be perfectly honest, I never even gave twilight - excuse the pun -
the time of day until I moved out west so many years ago. Back in
Flyover Land, it just got dark. Light. Then dark. Nothing remarkable on
most days. Sure, there were those interesting winter sunsets where a
brilliant orange glowed, but usually my claws were turning blue from

I love heading back from the beach or from a weekend road trip, catching
myself at twilight along the coast. Sunseekers, umbrellas and towels
tucked under their arms, slowly migrating to their cars. Cyclists
powering along the road, their calves flexing and moving hypnotically
as I steer my way in the fleeting glow of the sun.

I pulled over one particularly beautiful evening, leaving the radio
play - the Beach Boys crooning about California girls. Waves rumbled as
seagulls dove and soared. I love it here.

As usual, flocks of my fellow citizens made their way about the paths
and walkways along the beach. Skateboards clattered along the pavement
as I adjusted the brim of my cap, letting the warm fading rays caress
the fur around my eyes. My claws clattered against the paint on my car's
door as I draped an arm outside.

I love how the light plays on my fur. I cast my eyes downward to watch
the receding sunlight turn my white chest fur a golden orange. Checking
the rear-view mirror, I caught a glimpse of a figure skateboarding
along the road and witnessed the same lovely light effect on his naked

I love it here.

The rattle of his skateboard continued along as I reached for the radio,
looking for another station. After a couple rejections, I shut it off,
wanting to take in the scene without distraction.

Huh? Where the hell did that skater go? He should have passed by my
car already.


The deep, baritone voice startled me. He'd stopped.

"Yer brake light's out. Left side."

"Th...thanks," I stuttered.

"Dude," he replied. "Hey. Um. Wanna go get a beer?"

I love it here.

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