Tight by SampsonWoof



17 April 2014 at 23:25:52 MDT

Ty yanked on the side strap of his new thong again and sighed. It didn't matter how he
adjusted it, it still pulled bits of fur and wedged itself further up his asscrack. If
only his mate hadn't insisted on him wearing it for this tropical vacation.

The big wolf looked around the bar patio. Sure, he wasn't the only doofus wearing a
revealing swimsuit, but he felt uncomfortable nonetheless. Gawd, even naked would be
less awkward. The way it clamped around the base of the his tail was more annoying than

Every time he walked, breathed or even thought about moving, the tight fabric clenched
around every contour of his sheath and balls. This made his mate salivate. It only
made Ty grimace. What he would give to trade it for his comfy squarecut briefs, wherever
his mate hid them.

Taking another sip of his gradually-warming beer, the big wolf looked across the patio
and blinked. In the equatorial sun, Ty spotted his lover pulling himself out of the
pool. Sheets of sparkly, sun-dappled water ran across the otter's fur. The wet fabric
of his brief, sheer swimsuit revealed every square inch of his sheath and balls. Ty
gulped down another swallow of his drink as he felt the twinges of desire rise up

His otter began to stride towards him, a smile across that cute muzzle of his. Each
lean muscle in his body was on display, highlighted by his thick, wet fur. Whiskers
twitched as his mate turned and flexed playfully at the wolf. Ty smiled back warmly
and began to notice the front of his thong was getting abnormally tight.

Ty forgot all about the discomfort as the awkwardness faded away. He was falling in love
all over again.

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    Mmm, thong-wearing wolf...