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AT: From Heaven by Samantha-dragon (critique requested)

AT: From Heaven (critique requested)


7 July 2014 at 13:54:54 MDT

my part of art trades from for Kayrea - task was to draw given character tuned to one color. It was funny that i got Kay (it was secret who draws for who and its not in pairs) because i still havent finished our private double-character-in-love trade :[ so... here is Kay in blue with many other tones... im afraid that she is a bit lost in background but i was able to think anything better than this
after looong time its finished digital art bigger than icon with background - and i still like it at least a bit - thats small miracle :D i have to do something with my hands because im not able to paint digitaly without lineart :'(

used: wacom intuos3, photoshop
for pose and mainly for feathered wings i used this reference photo:

part for me will be here .....

character belongs to Kayrea, art to me