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ACEO/ATC: So... You Like My Feathers? by Samantha-dragon

ACEO/ATC: So... You Like My Feathers?


... he looks quite like blushing after some compliment, what do you think? :]

my part of mothly trade through ACEOfursXchange (June) with Soulwithin465 featuring her character Soul. I really like his (lets say it like Soul is male... in real he is ungendered) design of feral form - that shining yellow-red beak and neck with cool grey tones of feathers around... <3
So... because of those feathers all around and because likes to make cards "poping out" of their regular format I tryied to make this one in unique way too. It is combination of two types of graphic papers, one almost white with colorfull tiny glitters and second is black with very rought structure. It was big fun to manage what to cut in what order... :D here you can check photo were is structure much more visible:
i hope it doesnt look like i didnt wanted to draw background - it was meant to be that simple, just in paper craft (yeah, cutting of that black paper and that black-white snadwitch was difficult because the black one is quite tough)

used: liners, aquarell color pencils for underpaint, color pencils, scissors, cutting knife

her lovely part for me is here: