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ACEO/ATC: Monster girl by Samantha-dragon

ACEO/ATC: Monster girl


so here is my part of monthly trade (August) though ACEOfursXchange with Vlcek featuring her character Motomo Wahots... like one of the girls in Monster outfit :D because in description I got info that anything with Monster the energy drink is welcomed... so here you are! :D a bit nostalgic hot summer picture (now we have temperatures like from the half of autumn and its killing after tropical hots x.x) from swimming pool. and at who is she making her eyes? who knows, maybe is there Werewolf66 and is not giving her enought attention?
it was really fun to draw black bikini on black fur but I have to say that I like the result :3 and combination of bright orange, green and black looks cool :3

used: liners, aquarell color pencils, white acrylics on white paper with cloudy texture

her part for me is here: