Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 5) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 5)


15 May 2020 at 14:48:26 MDT

Tinkerbell and the mysterious adventure,
there's more adventure over there, and i make the story in my own fantasy so here i come!

they leaved pixie hollow after the girls and terence got extra pixie dust on their wings to make sure they aren't out of pixie dust
they flies till the waterfall and got to the pirate ship most of them saw from before (by Tinkerbell and the pirate fairy)

expect there aren't pirates, there are monsters,
then tinkerbell and her friends but also her pet blaze (firefly) flew closer but carefully to the pirate ship, they found the boat they could use it
they arrived there.

Tinkerbell: guys, there's a little boat we could use it
Zarina: alright, terence and i use the pixie dust to get the boat to fly
Tinkerbell: alright, thanks for thinking up a plan aswell
Zarina: your welcome

then tinkerbell explains what they were gonna do when they arrived to the pirate ship.

Tinkerbell: alright, Fawn, Rosetta, iridessa and Silvermist you're gonna attacks the monsters inside and kill them aswell there
Tinkerbell: Terence and Zarina your gonna look out with blaze aswell to make sure there aren't anymore monsters over there
Vidia: and we do nothing? (she said with sarcastic)
Tinkerbell: well actually you distract the monsters since your a fast flying fairy, maybe making tornado's to get the monsters away or maybe even kill them
and i'll keep an look out outside just incase there are more monsters over there and i'll think up a plan (she ignored the sarcastic one on vidia)

after tink told the plan on how to do: Rosetta, iridessa, Fawn and Silvermist got inside while terence and zarina keep an eyes out near the door
vidia got a couple of monsters away with tornado's. and tink take a look out on the boat if she sees anything strange but in that meanwhile after the 4 girls
destroyed the monsters they were getting trap by the spiders and even terence and zarina didn't knew what to do and blaze got scared

Fawn: ALRIGHT GUYS LET'S GET THE FIGHT STARTED! (everyone said it out loud: YES!)
Rosetta: hey i found the couple of swords we can use!
iridessa: brilliant!
Silvermist: LET'S DO IT GIRLS (she yelled by speaking up)

iridessa: BURN! (she screamed to the monsters by using lights)
Rosetta: TAKE THIS STUPID MONSTER! (she use the plant)
Fawn: HA TAKE IT! (she fight with the sword)
Silvermist: HEYA I HOPE YOU DIE SCARY MONSTER (she first use the sword and she did the self defense to pretend getting hurt and uses water on the monster)

while terence and zarina are looking out by the door:

Terence: do you see anything strange?
Zarina: nope, not yet atleast
Terence: alright we'll keep a look out like tink said

in that meantime vidia used tornado's and tink keep an eyes on the monsters and moves to the otherside of the boat and even go upstairs
Vidia: I HOPE YOU'LL DIE AND GET DESTROYED MONSTERS! (she screams it out loud)
Tinkerbell: Mmmmm i don't see any strange at all, don't even at the otherside of the boat nor when i'm upstairs (while talking to herself)

and that's how Rosetta, iridessa, silvermist and Fawn are getting trapped by spiders nobody see it coming after destroying them all

everyone: YES WE DID IT, WE DID IT (they all cheered with happiness)

Silvermist looked around and spiders came around and maked spider-webs and then they got trapped

Silvermist: uhm guys look over there (pointing on the spiders)
iridessa: oh no (while getting in panic)
Rosetta: girls look out! (she screamed)
everyone: AHHHHH! (the spiders got them)

while keeping a look out from the door:

Terence: Zarina did you hear it? (he asked)
Zarina: yes and when we look at it, it's spiders who works on puffy's (they looked at the windows carefully)
Terence: is that the one you got everyone to sleep back to when you worked with the pirates? (he asked)
Zarina: yes it's that one, the puffy's makes you sleeping
Terence: well we need to do something!
Zarina: we can't do anything about that, even i can't do anything (they got into a small fights)
Terence: why the hell not? (he got angry)
Zarina: i might use different things but spiders are strong and i'm afraid the girls are falling asleep earlier then we wants (she yelled at him)
Terence: FINE, BE ON YOUR WAY THEN! (he said it with anger)

they were under a lot of pressure there, in that meanwhile after vidia destroyed a few monsters she was checking on tink

Vidia: do you see anything tink?
Tinkerbell: nope i don't see anything strange yet!
Vidia: alright i'll keep an eye out down there!

these 2 don't notice the huge fights with terence and zarina and blaze getting in panic and the 4 girls getting trapped by spiders

this is gonna more interesting when i make further chapters, there's also a new fairy coming to rescue the 6 girls by breaking the windows
yes even Tinkerbell and Vidia when they get attacked unexpected while Terence and Zarina are gonna hide somewhere!

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