Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 4) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 4)


15 May 2020 at 14:43:46 MDT

after tinkerbell rest at her home, she woke up the other morning and she see something strange!
she looks somewhere and it turned out it's at the waterfall

Tinkerbell: what is that? are we under attack (she wonders herself and was alerted)
i...i have to tell everyone, especially my friends! but how? (she's a bit serious and nervous)

Tinkerbell: Mmmmmm let's see it carefully

Fawn tagged along with silvermist and vidia who saw something strange aswell!

Fawn, Silvermist and vidia: you saw it too huh? (they all asked at tink at the same time)
Tinkerbell: yes i don't know what it is though
Silvermist: i think pixie hollow will be in danger at any moment
Tinkerbell: i already figured it out, we need to come up with an idea
Vidia: do you guys have any idea? (she wonders)
Fawn: maybe we should tell Zarina,Rosetta, iridessa and even Terence, Periwinkle and her friends aswell first
Tinkerbell: how about clank and bobble? i mean they can make sure pixie hollow is safe and protect it
Silvermist: i agree with tink, they needs to know aswell
Vidia: how about telling everyone aswell? maybe they can hide somewhere while we go figure it out where it comes from (she didn't fully disagree with tink)
Fawn: Mmmmm that's a good idea
Tinkerbell: what are we waiting for?
Fawn, Silvermist, Vidia and Tinkerbell: LET'S GO!

they flew back to pixie hollow and asked queen clarion and lord milori that everyone needs to meet up by the pixie hollow tree
the 4 girls arrived at queen clarion

Tinkerbell: queen clarion! we have to tell you something but also all the other fairies aswell
Queen clarion: why? what's wrong tink?
Fawn: it's very serieus and it's a emergency (fawn explained it)
Vidia: we can prove it because we were at the waterfall when we all saw something serieus
Queen clarion: alright, if it's all seriously i'll call everyone!
Silvermist: thank you queen clarion! i'll call terence just so he'll be alerted too
Tinkerbell: RIGHT! (the 3 girls all agree with silvermist)

they called everyone and queen clarion leaved an message to everyone to meet up at the pixie dust tree because the 4 girls had to tell everyone something!
they all arrived eventually!

Queen clarion: hello everyone i'm glad you are all here in the pixie dust tree because the 4 girls have to tell you all something and it's a emergency
so tell everyone what you just told us!

Tinkerbell: sigh i think pixie hollow is in danger! (she say it in all seriously with a sad face)
Fawn: yeah we saw something strange, it's now on the waterfall but it will come to us eventually
Silvermist: you all have to hide to save yourselves and the others!
Vidia: yes and in that meantime we are leaving pixie hollow to figure something out and possibly solve all of it (they helped tink and comforts her)

everyone was very shocked and horrified but rosetta, iridessa and zarina tagged along with helping the 4 girls

Tinkerbell: peri you have to hide aswell too, and i wish it was a joke but it isn't, just do what i say and safe yourself and the other got it!
Periwinkle: sigh i got it, i'll keep the winter fairies safe
Tinkerbell: i promise it will be all over when my friends and i resolve all of it! (peri then winked at tink)
Clank and bobble: we'll make sure everyone is safe and nyx and the other scouts fairies can protect pixie hollow

Terence then asked tink if he can tag along with tink and her friends

Terence: hey tink, can i tag along aswell as just an dust-keeping fairy?
Tinkerbell: are you sure? i mean it's way too dangerous for you
Terence: hey i helped you to escape the lost pirate-ship and i love being be with you, besides you promised that i could tag along too
Vidia: nice said terence! (she fully agree's with him)
Terence: thanks vidia
Tinkerbell: you got a point, sigh fine you can tag along aswell too
(she disagree with terence at first but when her friends were all looking to terence and agree's with him she couldn't say no to him)
Terence: i'll protect you no matter what!
Tinkerbell: aw that's very sweet of you (she smiled at terence)

iridessa: keep safe everyone!
queen clarion: even though i don't fully agree with you girls i won't stop you! now do the right thing (she trust the girls and terence)
Blaze tagged along too and tink was more then happy to see blaze tagged along too
Tinkerbell: oh hey blaze you wanna tag along too huh? (blaze said yes on his own way)
Terence: well let's go then... guys! blaze tag along too because he can help us aswell too!

the girls and terence picked all the pixie dust they got and put it on their wings and even picks the packs of pixie dust to make sure they can still flying

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