Alta - Zyrri Blink by safyia

Alta - Zyrri Blink


5 September 2016 at 00:48:07 MDT

Name: Alta Mai Hap'Hesthuut
Zyrri type: Blink
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Lime Green

Peg feet- common
Antennae- rare

Name: Pap-Pap
Species: Alpaclops
Sex: not sure....
Cutie mark: 4-leaf clover [not shown due to positioning]

Alta's family was one of long lineage, well known for their inventions using both magic and scientific technologies.  Over the centuries, their inventions had spread far and wide across the galaxy, the "Hap'Hest" logo signifying quality in craftsmanship.  Though the past inventions still brought in quite a bit of income, primarily in the outer systems, new ones had all but stopped hitting the markets over the past few centuries, as magic has slowly fallen out of vogue on planet Zyrrix in favor of science.  While still wealthy, the name had, in fact, been all but forgotten on their home planet.

Alta's birth cause quite a stir within the family, one that would soon spread out into the community as a whole.  For not only had she been blessed with a most unusual skin coloration, and patterning, but with also a pair of antennae.  Such a rare occurrence of antennae had only been recorded one other time in the long history of their city; and that happened so long ago it could only be found as a few scant lines written in the city's historical ledgers.  Of course in small cities being different often means being singled out, and it was no different in Alta's.  Her personality did not help.

Alta was a sweet girl, kind to everyone she came across, but she was also clumsy, absent-minded, and a major ditz.  It wasn't that she wasn't smart, no she passed any and every test put in front of her and her papers had the hint of a young researcher in the making- that is, if you could hold her down to get her to write anything.  Alta's mind was seemingly always in the clouds, looking to others as if she's always lost daydreaming.  In reality, she spends 90% of her mental faculties running vast calculations on whatever catches her fancy.  She has an aptitude for mana based-fusion processes, and has recently broken her family's 8000 year long drought of viable inventions.  Being a bit sensitive, she spent the majority of her youth wearing clothes meant to hide as much of her odd skin coloration from others, lest they tease her for it, but recently, she has begun to change after finding a good friend, Rayel.  Rayel brought out in Alta a calmness of mind she had never experienced before.  Rayel soon became an important person for Alta, bringing positive qualities out to front.

This image is from her first night on the space station, E c'amoth, with her pet Alpaclops, 'Pap-Pap'. Her family will be most surprised to see her new outfit, chosen specifically because she was so far away from her old home. Alta currently resides on the space station, working as an apprentice under the famous magic/tech fusion scientist, Thom. She totally lucked out on that one, as she had originally arrived to meet a business partner in lieu of her father, whom had fallen ill. It was a most important business venture to the business, so she volunteered to make the journey in his stead. Her offer was summarily voted down, and the business meeting was set to be cancelled, a move that would cause a definite blow to the business as a whole. So she made some contacts and struck out on her own- when her parents were out at on appointment. Almost all of her plans and arrangements would've probably gotten her sold off to slavers on some distant moon if it hadn't been for Rayel, who with a clear mind, made some calls and acquired two tickets to the a fore mentioned space station E c'amoth for the meet. Once there, they both decided to stay on, requesting to work for their room and board with Nyota making the arrangements. Ultimately, Alta's unending luck landed her [literally] in the lap of the renowned inventor scientist, Thom, who, knowing talent when s/he saw it, took her in as an apprentice.

It should also be noted that her favorite 'thing' is stars~ Stars of all types; from one that keeps her solar system going to cute gold star stickers~ She loves them so much, while working under Thom she invented a long-lasting pigment that would permanently adhere to her antennae, yet not cause disruption, or irritation to the delicate organ~ She drew the two stars on her antennae with it~ While not permanent, the pigment did last quite some time- about a year and a half to be exact~ Alta is currently in the process of trying to market her product as a long-lasting hair dye that won't damage one's hair/fur~

Materals: Pencil/paper, Paint tool sai, Photoshop [finishing]
Time: ~20hrs

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