Siwo Myel .:SwimSuit Special:. by safyia

Siwo Myel .:SwimSuit Special:.


5 September 2016 at 00:44:07 MDT

Here's how this went down:

ME: Hey, so I want to draw you all in swimsuits for the summer~ What I need from you all is for you guys to pick your swimsuits and then get into a sexy, pin-up pose, so I can draw you~
Upon hearing this, Siwo Myel strides across the room and gracefully crumples onto the floor and contorts into a pretzel-like form.
ME: Are you kidding me right now, Siwo?
SIWO: Kitten, I am Dead Serious. Stretch those fingers of yours girl, and immortalize this. I'm calling it, "Contortion."
ME: ....rolls eyes
ME: ...How exactly is that a pin-up pose? And aren't you even going to put on a top? You do have breasts, you know~
SIWO: Please. You can not stop Contortion. The power of this pose alone is far more potent than any pin-up you could imagine, Kitten. You are compelled to draw this.

What could I say to that? Was that even logic? There really was nothing else I could do, draw hir~ And that is how that drawing came to be~ I actually had another pose in mind, but knew I had to draw Siwo in this one~ It just looks like something a Spider-dancer might do~ ^^

Done in pencils, HB 2B F
on a 3.5x5" sketch pad

Reference used with Permission.
Siwo Myel (c) 2016
Arachnoids Species (c) 2016
Please do not use without Permission.