Bui Caaro .:SwimSuit Special:. by safyia

Bui Caaro .:SwimSuit Special:.


5 September 2016 at 00:41:10 MDT

Well, it was a long time in coming, but I got another one done, and this time its, Bui Caaro~ So..., Question for you: What does a race do when their females are cursed with a weak, and vulnerable middle section? You create reinforced clothing, of course! Then that would completely exclude anything two piece, right? WRONG! You don't do without; you learn how to make it WORK! And the Arachniods have done just that by introducing a reinforced, high-waist swim-suit line! Bui Caaro is showcasing this year's latest version, with a chic faux sash, knotted on the hip~

Still thinking about redoing these in color at some point~ Let me know what you think~

Sketch Paper
Pencils: 9B, 9H, 6B, 4B, 3H, 2B, HB

Reference used here by GALEKA-EKAGO.deviantart.com

Bui Caaro (c) 2016 safyia110.deviantart.com
Arachnoids Species (c) 2016 ArtsyFartsyManLady.deviantart.com
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