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Hatchables~ by Safiir Riskovat


Safiir Riskovat

11 May 2014 at 06:15:03 MDT

Hatchables~ Hatch + adoptables = Hatchables

First time to ever do this because I need an outlet for all of the random ideas in my overthinking and non-sleeping mind! XD

Oh! and this is also in FA, so I'll be checking on both sites just in case!

-first come, first serve
-Paypal only!
-a time-limit to pay is 1-2 days
-if not payed after time-limit, you'll lose the spot.
-no refunds
-upon receiving payment, I'll send the buyer an un-watermarked egg first
-then in a day or so, I'll send the said hatchable to the buyer as either a chibi, teen, or adult
-the hatchable belong to you! So you can edit it, name it, whatever you want~ (tell me what you want in the hatchable if you have an idea for said hatchable)
-you cannot resell it.
-please credit me! I would really appreciate that.
-Just comment and I'll send you a note with my email address.

Option: If you want, I can give the species' info for the hatchable, like it's habit, food, sleeping, abilities, etc. Just tell me in the note.

This is not necessary since it's for me but if you guys do draw them, I would love to see them~ =3

-Chibi: $12
-Teen: $16
-Adult: $20

  1. pastal fin tail-->
  2. fuzzy heart mark-->
  3. skull mask-->
  4. yellow horn-->
  5. feathered tail-->
  6. Glowing butterfly wings-->
  7. fluffy tail-->taken @ FA; chibi
  8. licking flower-->

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