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Hatchables: Fluffy tail! by Safiir Riskovat

Hatchables: Fluffy tail!

Safiir Riskovat

12 May 2014 at 17:25:16 MDT

Info about her species!

Bumble Fae:

-Bumble Fae are friendly to anyone, as long as the person is friendly back to them.
-They’re a community species, so normally they are close to whoever they consider family; doesn’t necessarily mean that they stay with their own species, any Bumble Fae can stay with other species as well.
-Vegitarian, fruits are considered to be candy for them.
-the antennas are for communication with other Bumble Faes; if one of them get lost, they make a low frequency sound (which is hard to hear for humans...if at all) and if their community responds back with a specific signal, they hear it with their antennas. It’s also very sensitive, so touching it is a no-no! Think of it as someone squeezing your naughty bits, hard.
-When threatened or cornered, their single stingers are revealed from the tip of their fluffy tail, like a bee. Those stingers are poisonous, but enough to paralyze 10 large beings. It gives them time to escape.
-They can travel but normally they live in areas that have trees, like forests or jungles. A park even. As long they can climb to safety.
-Their fluffy ears can emote for the Bumble Fae. Perked up- Happy or excited. Down and limp - Sad. Folded back and pressing on skull - feeling threatened or scared. Fluttering - In bliss (usually when they eat fruits).
-generally, small enough to ride on a person’s shoulder but they can grow into the size of a child, but that’s rare.
-they use their tail as a blanket when in winter (rolls up in a ball).

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