Updated Character Design: Barksdale 2017 by Sadalsuud-Staridae

Updated Character Design: Barksdale 2017


15 June 2017 at 05:09:10 MDT

I adopted this pupper design from Bug / Pendejo
They are selling a LOT of characters with the option of a ref sheet or badge with purchase so go give them a look-see!
/shameless advertising plug lol

Slowly working to update all the characters that reside in my own little world...be it via my own hand or via buying up design adopts that match what I've been aiming for over the 25+ years they've been around.

Connor's pretty ecstatic to have his big ol' pupper friend Barksdale back where he belongs <3

Love this big goofy puppy; he's the tallest resident in the mansion where all my fursonas reside, and he's especially close to Connor. They're more like adopted brothers than they care to admit. Barksdale first encountered VJ when he was trying to shop for clothes and couldn't decide on a particular style of sweater and asked for her opinion. VJ didn't even work at that store (she works for a competitor lol), but they hit it off and have been besties ever since.

When Barksdale moved in, Connor was already a longterm resident and helped him find his feet amongst the rest of the crew. Kitty and Pupper are best buds, and Barksdale accompanies Connor on his beachside treks in the spring and summer, looking for shells and sea glass for his wearable designs. In winter, Barksdale works out in the vast orchard and back fields, keeping things in order and harvesting the seasonal foodstuffs for sale in the local farmer's market. He's exceptionally fond of baking.

Barksdale design adopted from Bug / Pendejo
VJ Hedgehog & Connor Laodegan the IVth belong to Victoria S. Rodda, 1991 - 2017

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