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It's been a month of sadness for me...

on 21 February 2018 at 17:39:07 MST

I haven't been here in a while.

On February 7th, three days after my 36th birthday, my mother passed away from terminal bladder cancer. And now I learn today that a dear friend, Kayla-La (Dani) has also passed on. She was only three years younger than me...

I'm not sure how to process this news. I knew her from years ago, we chatted very briefly back in the day; I mostly knew her from the Artists Beware community that she loved and helped build the foundations of...of which now will never be the same without her shining light and awesome kindness.

I'm sad.

Please, if you are in that dark a place, NEVER HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO SOMEONE


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    Thanks for the fav!

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    Thank you for the fav! Your art is very cute, love it! <3

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    Thinking of you. Looking at pictures of Vee-Jay (old and new) for both inspiration and nostalgia's sake. Need to get my act together and actually draw things, and post things, and talk to people.

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    Mew <3

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    Thanks Vee; I completely forgot what your Weasyl username was beside from "it started with 'S'" x3

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    Thanks a bunch for favin' ^^ I'm glad ya liked her!

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    Thank you very much for the +Follow!! :D

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      No issues here, hun! I LOVE your comic and when I saw you'd migrated here as well (as I've since left DA) I simply -HAD- to follow you <3

      LUMINAHI is an awesome comic, and I love Vorac to bits, he's AWESOME =D