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on 30 September 2021 at 20:31:37 MDT


Sorry! It's been a hot minute since I actually uploaded anything outside of my twitter account!
I'm back on my bullshit, so you'll see a bit more art trickle in here over the coming days/weeks/months =D

Nothing coloured though...yet. I've not had much time to sit down and do anything of that sort in well over a couple years since my eyesight started going south (static images = pain), but now that I'm starting to heal from that slowly, there may be something coloured in the close future again :D

I've a lot to catch up on again, sorry to folks I follow but you're gonna get fave-spammed again!

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    Thanks for the fav!

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    Thank you for the fav! Your art is very cute, love it! <3

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    Thinking of you. Looking at pictures of Vee-Jay (old and new) for both inspiration and nostalgia's sake. Need to get my act together and actually draw things, and post things, and talk to people.

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    Mew <3

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    Thanks Vee; I completely forgot what your Weasyl username was beside from "it started with 'S'" x3

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    Thanks a bunch for favin' ^^ I'm glad ya liked her!

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    Thank you very much for the +Follow!! :D

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      No issues here, hun! I LOVE your comic and when I saw you'd migrated here as well (as I've since left DA) I simply -HAD- to follow you <3

      LUMINAHI is an awesome comic, and I love Vorac to bits, he's AWESOME =D