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on 13 June 2017 at 05:53:35 MDT

1. Why is your main fursona is a hedgehog?
I've had VJ since I was around 7 years old, which was when the Master System & Game Gear were starting to hit the stores, and Sonic The Hedgehog along with them. I grew up in a very physically, mentally and emotionally abusive household; videogames like the Mario Brothers and Sonic The Hedgehog were my lifelines for many years. My fursona 'grew the quills' for protection against that abuse, which continued well into my adult years from two different sources. She and I are one and the same, and I don't answer to my full name these days anymore. Mostly I preferred being called Vee or VJ.

2. How long have you been drawing?
Around 28 years now, it's been a while. I'm also a trained storyboard artist and 2D/3D animator (professionally trained as a 2D animator via internship at Walt Disney Animation), though I haven't done either job in 10+ years now. I mostly now dabble in character design and a WIP project callled "Twisted Branch" with a writer friend of mine, Stormwarden. I am a very slow artist who prefers to draw adoptables (general or Dutch Angel Dragon) rather than take commissions nowadays.

3. How many fursonas do you actually have?
All up, I've lost count. Most of the previous ones are tied to childhood events and have been left with the memories they helped me through, some have become closer to events in my personal life now than way back when and others are slowly being developed character-wise and/or are linked to personal growth/therapy sessions with my shrink. I have five main fursonas currently: Velindra-Jay Amariel Hedgehog, Chellios Coyote, Connor Laodegan the IVth, Fluffy the Dutch Angel Dragon & Royale the Rawrk

4. Are you religious?
This has been a subject of contention amongst my family; my mom is a Hindu/Muslim, my father is Roman Catholic, and my half-sister is Latter Day Saint / strong Christian values believer. I grew up attending first a Catholic School then a Christian School and both left a sour taste in my mouth afterwads. I am an Athiest by choice and religion is not a good subject to discuss with me, sorry.

5. What species/creature would you like to have in future?
That's a tough question. Mostly I would like to further develop my Fruit'Leupak character, Draco, of whom I have far flung future plans to turn into a partial fursuit (and yes, I have permission to do so...mucho gracias to Deo for letting me pitch the idea to them way back when <3). But otherwise, I'd LOVE to have either an Axolotyl or a Gezak'sona in future - Mow's species have won my heart and I love how cute their snoots are. Someday when I have the cash to spare and there's an adopt available for direct purchase <3

6. Do you like to RP?
A lot of folks have asked to join my personal character development RP scenarios over Facebook/email and gotten offended because I refuse to let them in, but there are some themes I do not feel comfortable in taking part in especially with younger members of the community. I RP only with close friends and writing partners, and nobody else.

7. What do you like to watch on TV/Youtube/Cable?
Crime shows like Criminal Minds and CI: Australia/Britain when I work on Twisted Branch; cartoons like Looney Tunes and Pink Panther when I'm sketching; Triple D or Heston Blumenthal, and oftenmost The Dragget Show on Youtube when I'm bored in the dead of night. I love watching videos from the US/UK Furry Convention circuits as I can't be in attendance and I have fun seeing the different Fursuit dance competitions and whatnot. I rarely watch TV/Cable anymore, other than to watch shows akin to Bondi Vet/Bondi Rescue as their current seasons aren't available on DVD yet. I'm also a HUGE animated film/series fanatic and religiously watch Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios and whatnot on Netflix/Stan.

8. Who are your fursuit characters?
Previous characters are Connor "Ten Cents" Laodegan (retired due to damages, 2013 - 2016) and Vee-Jay Hedgehog (version #1 top-heavy build, 2011 - 2013). My main character is Chellios Coyote; originally adopted from LazyLupe@FA as an impulse purchase, but he's since become my main go-to fursuit character; he has had a refurb by TunnySaysIDK and will soon be completed in late 2017. My secondary fursuit character, Royale teh Rawrk is being built by Water Dog Wharf and won't be in my hands until at least early 2018.

9. How long have you been a furry?
Long before I knew what the term was or what it meant!

10. What do you use to create your art?
A Quill 120GSM Visual Art Diary, a 0.7 ballpoint pen and on occasion, an Intuous Pro tablet (PTH-860). I also use Chameleon Colour Tone pens, Faber-Castell pencils and Connector pens (because I'm a dork and I like creating whilst creating lol)

11. Why do you buy so many adopts?!
I normally don't buy adopts UNLESS they catch my eye to the point where I know I can't resist. I passed over many designs in the past due to finances/timing issues, but now that I am more financially stable, it's very difficult for me to let go of something that is both visually appealing and of a build/species I feel particularly drawn towards. As a character creator and having had so many past fursonas that have flitted from one species to another, I like looking for adopts that "fit" the long-standing characters I have. Connor is a good example of this; I adopted his new form from Blushmutt and adapted that adopt's pelt design to his current character form. I try to limit my purchases, but like other girls with pretty clothes and shoes, I find it really difficult to pass over a good-looking character design. I'm hopeless like that XD

12. Who is your favourite fursuit builder in the fandom?
I have too many favourites to list! Designs build-wise, I'm terribly fond of Macaroni Market, Water Dog Wharf and Pawaii's fursuit creations. Overall aesthetic designs would have to be Beastcub's suits. For delightful toony suits, MoreFurLess, Mischief Makers and Lazy Lupe. And for sheer gigantic plush schnozzes, TunnySaysIDK. I love all the makers out there. Choosing just one is next to nigh impossible for me, they're ALL amazingly talented <3

13. Are you a dog or a cat lover?
Both! I adore Bengals, Ragdolls/Ragamuffins, Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats, and German Shepherds, Pulipuli's, Old English Sheepdogs, any cat or dog with lots of floof and long tails, aha. I love mongrels and mutts as well. I love how certain breeds can make the most adorable babies with the most amazing markings. We've recently become able to adopt an emotional support animal for me (faced lots of red tape with Strata and the Housing Committee over the years that finally worked out!), and we're now deciding on a cat breed. It'll likely be a '20-pound lapcat' aka Maine Coon tho' - my husband adores that breed and to be fair, I like affectionate bundles of floof that take up half a bed XD

14. Do you like spiders?
I'm really strange about spiders! Giant spiders like tarantulas fascinate the heck outta me and I've looked after a friend's tarantula in the past, and small spiders by contrast scare the absolute hell out of me! I think it's the jump-scare factor and the fact you can be doing normal things only to have one of them skitter out and send you running for cover LOL I don't know why I can be around giant spiders and snakes and lizards and things, but can't go anywhere near smaller spiders. I've never been able to work out why I can hold a huge tarantula and let it walk up my arms/around my shoulders with no issues, but when it comes to a smaller one, I run for the hills screaming...

15. What games do you play?
World of Warcraft: Legion currently; I main a BM hunter and alt as a Feral druid and Windwalker monk. Previously co-led a guild, "Maximar Heralds" on Wildstar with my Stalker, Velindra-Jay, but left due to inactivity on the raiding scene. I also play Puzzle Dragons Z and Pokemon on the 3DS.

16. Do you play on any online petsites?
I used to be on Neopets until my account was frozen for reasons unknown. I lost quite a lot on that account and have never gone back to that site; I could never prove to them that the account was mine, despite having shown proof to every mod that took the matter onboard. I was on Aywas up until early 2015, but left due to drama/site issues and ongoing harrassment from a couple users. I'm active on a regular basis on Subeta these days, and have numerous pets (30+) that willl forever be WIP in regards to their profile pages aha. Subeta is my biggest weekend timewaster these days lol

17. Are you on any other websites?
I am on FurAffinity (LadyStarfleet; I fave art mainly), Tumblr (AustralisRamblings; I upload the occasional WIP here) and Twitter (@VeeJayHedgehog). I'm also on Facebook, but that, along with my twitter is private and is for close friends/family members only.

18. What conventions do you attend currently or hope to attend in future?
My husband and I attend OZ Comic Con and Supanova Expo Adelaide every year, and AVCon very rarely. We'd love to go to Melbourne Supanova or OZCC one year. We attended MiDFUR 2012 and haven't gone to an Australian furry convention since (absolutely hated the experience). I'd love to go to AnthroCon or Midwest Furfest 2020, but that's still only a pipe dream for now =3

19. Do you cosplay?
Oh lordy, fursuiting is a form of cosplay really. By that extent, HELL YES! Chellios is the furry version of Sam Axe from Burn Notice, VJ's uniform's pretty much a cosplay attire in and of itself, Royale's the 'bastard child' courtesy of an Umbrella Corporation Scientist...I'm always planning "that next cosplay" with my husband and our friends Shaun, Simon, TJ, Tanya and Nik. I have many small projects in progress with no direct deadlines...

20. What's your favourite drink? (fursonas too!)
My favourite drink is H20, followed closely by Frozen Coke. I'm also partial to Bailey's Irish Cream with Mint or Kahlua at Christmastime. VJ likes Sunshine Punch fruit juice and she absolutely adores hot Chai Lattes. Chellios is a BIG fan of mock mojitos. Fluffy likes Fruita or Mountain Dew. Connor likes Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and Tim Tam sprinkles. Royale likes Hot Buttered Rum but tends to prefer Sex On The Beach or an Irish Coffee when he's not scaring the pants off of Umbrella Corp. teams...

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    Thinking of you. Looking at pictures of Vee-Jay (old and new) for both inspiration and nostalgia's sake. Need to get my act together and actually draw things, and post things, and talk to people.

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