Supanova Expo 2016 - Nathan Fillion by Sadalsuud-Staridae

Supanova Expo 2016 - Nathan Fillion


12 June 2017 at 21:41:47 MDT

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

Forever screaming into the oblivion of spaaaaaace X3

Convention staff at both OZCC and Supanova know us pretty well; we've attended every single con from the very start and most of the con staff are local guys and gals who know us as the "resident animals" (or lately "the resident fluffy creatures"!). Nathan was walking into his photo booth and some of the booth staff said simply "the resident fluffy creatures are waiting for you!". Nathan poked his head out of the booth, saw us waiting in line...and the smile on his face was like a kid in a candy store.

Flippin' EPIC XD

In true Captain Reynolds' style, the poker face was employed for this photo, but many quotes from Firefly and Castle followed in his panel and at his signing. He was such a pleasure to be around and complimented our ability to be wearing fursuits like ours in painfully high heat in the middle of summer.

Chose not to chat to him at his table signing about the demise of the Castle series, but he talked about it anyway ("Irreconcilable differences with Beckett, amongst other things..."), but said they were both over it and it didn't need a 9th season ("Mayhaps a final movie-length episode, but not a full season to tell it in."). He appreciated the critique over the final scene of the series from the fandom and it was rushed to some degree, however he was happy with having done it. Con Man, his new webisode series which I am a fan of is his focus for now, along with vocal acting for certain video games/MMORPG's.

He kept a copy of this photo and said he'd be back for a convention in Australia at some point in the near future. He said his co-stars Jon, Seamus and Tamala were "somewhat jealous of him visiting wine country without inviting them to tag along" so who knows, we may see Esposito, Ryan and Dr Parish at a con here sometime. That'd be EPIC X3

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