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ryan, 24, horse gender, any pronouns

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email change

hi all!! i finally got around to making an email for all my art related things, like commissions and stuff!!

its a lot simpler than my other one, which i’m going to continue using as a personal email. feel free to contact me through either email- eventually the only one i’ll display is the address.

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    Everything in your gallery is so whimsical I LOVE IT

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      aaa that is such a nice and charming thing to say!! thank you so much!

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    Your characters are all so wonderfully cute and comfy looking! Love their energy and balance too, thanks for reaching out and sharing your kind words <3

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      wow, gosh!! you are so welcome, and thank you!! this was a nice surprise to come home to, thank you again!!!

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    omgosh it's been too long HOW YA BEEN

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      OMG ikr... i've been ok!!! how have you been!!!

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    Thanks for the follow :>

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    hiiiiiiiiiii have the best day. THE BEST.